About FishingMad

FishingMad was founded by Alan Bonnici a mad fisherman with a growing following around Melbourne and Victoria. His accolades include being an author for the Fishing Monthly Magazine. Sponsored by Savage Gear Australia part of the #SavagePro team. Alan has featured in local documentaries promoting fishing. He has also worked with Fishing and Boating of Victoria as a key personality within the fishing media. Whilst working alongside Victorian fisheries featuring in local fishing campaigns and stocking programs. He has been a local ambassador for kids fishing programs and family fishing clinics. Also Co hosting fishing events for disability groups and providing countless volunteer work. Alan has also been a guest speaker for fishing clubs, brands within fishing and boating and retail outlets. Proud moments have included featuring on the cover of various fishing publications and feature articles.

Alan has an immense passion for fishing. He has a vision to bring people together through the joy of fishing. As he sees it it’s a sport that can unite complete strangers within minutes. Alan enjoys meeting people within the community and sharing tips to help them on their fishing journey. If you would like to have a one on one fishing tuition session with Alan then please refer to this weblink for more information.

The Fishing Mad growing footprint

FishingMad Website  www.fishingmad.com.au  –  303,279 website visits

FishingMad YouTube Channe  www.youtube.com/c/fishingmad  –  203,634 views, 2,111 subscribers

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What does FishingMad do?

FishingMad started as a basic website that provided locals with general fishing advice. The website has grown immensely and become very content rich. We now proudly offer bucket loads of great fishing content. It’s a friendly and welcoming environment with resources available to anglers of all abilities. The website offers visitors the latest fishing reports around Melbourne & Victoria. We have travelled far and wide to provide you the most comprehensive fishing locations guide. Now with with over 125 location suggestions for fishing. We provide instructional how to fishing guides, and keep our audience up to date with local fishing news. We road-test the latest fishing rods, reels, lures and accessories. Detailed database of local fish species and much more.

Alan Bonnici has become a key video blogger within the fishing industry in Australia. Producing an extensive volume of local fishing videos which can be seen here. These videos provide lots of entertainment and helpful content for anglers of all abilities. There’s our “how to videos” such as how to catch flathead on bait and lures or how to catch and cook species of certain fish. These videos cover a wide range of fishing methods. Including  Kayak, boating, land base such as jetties, piers and rock walls and even taken it a further step such as Jet Ski, inflatable pool tunes and other weird and wacky ideas.

The FishingMad community

FishingMad also have social media pages which has become a key way to engage with our audience. This is how we provide updates of what we are doing and get local anglers in contact with each other. We also share others fishing stories and photos.

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FishingMad is a friendly community environment where anglers can learn, share stories and make new friends. Our audience is growing quickly so please get behind us. We connect people through the joy of fishing and welcome you to participate in our events & to provide your own reports, product reviews, multimedia, and content to be shared with others on the website and social media pages

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