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FishingMad is a comprehensive online fishing resource. We proudly provide bucket loads of helpful fishing content in a welcoming environment for anglers of all abilities. Starting with fishing reports around Melbourne & Victoria. Our team has travelled far and wide to provide you with the most comprehensive fishing locations guide with over 125 location destinations for fishing. We provide instructional how to fishing guides and keep you up to date with local fishing news, and the latest fishing rods, reels, lures & accessories sharing our detailed database of local fish species and much more.

FishingMad also has social media pages which are a key way that we engage with our audience. We provide regular updates on our activities and connect local anglers with each other. Here our audience learn, share stories and make new friends. We connect people through the joy of fishing and welcome you to participate in our events & to provide your own reports, product reviews, multimedia, and content to be shared with others on the website and social media pages

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Alan Bonnici the Founder of FishingMad

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FishingMad was founded by Alan Bonnici a mad fisherman with a growing following. Alan is an author for the Fishing Monthly Magazine and proudly sponsored by Savage Gear Australia part of the #SavagePro team. He has featured in local documentaries promoting fishing and worked with Fishing and Boating Victoria as a key figure within the fishing media. Also working alongside Victorian fisheries in local campaigns and stocking programs. Alan is an ambassador for kids and family fishing programs and has co-hosting fishing events for disability groups. He has also been a guest speaker for local fishing clubs and major retail outlets. .

Alan is a key video blogger within the fishing industry producing an extensive volume of fishing videos. These videos provide bucket loads of entertainment and instructional how-to content for anglers of all abilities. These videos cover a wide range of fishing methods for kayak, boating, land base such as jetties, piers and rock walls and even tet Ski’s and inflatable float tubes and other wacky challenges.

Fishing is a passion that can unite complete strangers within minutes. Alan enjoys meeting people within the community and sharing tips to help them on their fishing journey. Click here if you would like to have a one on one Fishing Tuition session with Alan Bonnici.

How to contact FishingMad

You can email the team at FishingMad directly using the following email addresses

enquiries@fishingmad.com.au if you would like to ask us any general fishing questions

reports@fishingmad.com.au if you would like to send us your own fishing reports to have posted on the reports section of the website. When you do remember to include some photos and some details about your day. Such as where you fished, what you used and anything interesting that happened on the day

events@fishingmad.com.au if you would like to know more about one of our event days, or if you would like the team at FishingMad to attend one of your event days

alan@fishingmad.com.au if you would like to send a message directly to Alan

You can also follow our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram and send us messages directly.

We will do our best to respond to all messages as fast we possibly can.