Welcome to the Strapinno Retractable Ratchet Straps Review by FishingMad. Now and again you stumble upon a product that makes you wonder why it wasn’t done earlier. I recently came across retractable ratchet straps by a company called Strapinno. I’ve been kayak fishing and boating for over 20 years and I have owned several trailers over the journey. I’ve always battled with ratchet straps that fall apart and how many times have you been at a boat ramp watching some rethread their ratchet straps that have come loose? I generally use tie dows with my kayak but it’s a slow and inefficient process to secure the kayak and relies heavily on you applying enough tension manually. I’ve always thought there has to be a better way to transport your beloved boat or kayak in a quick, secure and efficient manner and thankfully that’s exactly what Strapinno does.

Watch Al from FishingMad show how to use Strapinno retractable ratchet straps for kayaks & boats


That ability to tie down a kayak or boat within seconds doesn’t rely on the tension created by the angler, with the ratchet it’s secure and efficient every time.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been at the boat ramp watching local anglers spend 10 minutes trying to rethread their ratchet straps that came apart, or kayak anglers that had kayaks on their trailer or roof racks come loose in transport. Well, not anymore.

What I liked about Strapinno retractable ratchet straps was that you could purchase them in different lengths. I purchased the 6-foot set which matches my kayak trailer perfectly and the 10-foot set which matches my boat trailer perfectly. I also really liked that once used they retract and store away neatly. This takes up a lot less space and doesn’t end up in a tangled mess like my tie-down and ratchet straps currently do. I often spend 5 minutes untangling straps as I load the yak or boat onto the trailer. They are Simple yet efficient and secure ways to start my days on the water.  I was able to reduce my setup time by a quarter and be more organised. Another big point of difference was the safety clip on the end of the S hook which made me confident the straps would never slip during transportation. Let’s face it our kayaks and boats cost a lot of money so having secure, quick and affordable straps gives you confidence that your beloved items will be safe during transportation, not to mention it makes getting your boat or yak on the water faster.


What we liked about Strapinno Retractable Ratchet Straps

  • Save time ( so much faster than tie-downs, and more reliable than normal ratchet straps )
  • No more tangled messes
  • No more re-feeding loose straps.
  • Tie securely S hook with clip for extra safety
  • Normal ratchet straps the rope falls out all the time
  • Take less room can be put away nice and neatly
  • Quick and easy
  • one piece and retractable strap has been reliable in our tests


Where to buy Strapinno Retractable Ratchet Straps

Simply visit the Strapinno website and purchase from them directly. We are working on getting a discount code for all FishingMad followers so stay tuned for that. You can follow FishingMad using this product and many others by following our weekly fishing videos here.