Fishing locations Williamstown is a popular and vibrant township for its range of shops, beach front and fishing locations. It has multiple well known fishing spots overlooking Port Phillip Bay that includes the Gem Pier and the Fergurson street Pier. There is also good fishing opposite the football ground. Its a great urban fishing location close to Melbourne that has gorwn in immense popularity with kayak fishing and small boats. Land based anglers can cast out will allow you to target great species such as snapper, flathead and trevally whilst keeping your baits in close around the structure will allow you to target bream. Whilst those with boats are often found a few hundred meters out from the foot ball oval in the reefs chasing snapper.



snapper, Flathead, bream, silver trevally, mulloway, salmon, gummy shark, garfish, Mullet, Yellowfin Scad.


When bait fishing pilchards, squid, whiting fillet and Chicken are good choices in this area. A combination of a simple running sinker setup and a paternoster rig does the trick in this location for many species. Using burley really does help keep the fish around. If you’re targeting large snapper and gummy sharks then a full unweighted pilchard with a size 5 or 6 single or snelled mustad hook is a great way to go. You can also use pre made snapper rigs such as Reedys Rigz.

This is also a good spot to flick soft plastics. You will need to use a heavy jig head to cast out further. Soft plastics slowly retrieved or hopped will allow you to catch flathead and pinkies. Worm, grubz and minnow imitation soft plastics are great choices. Z-man grubZ, squidgee wrigglers, Savage Gear pro grubs, Z-man slim swimZ, Savage Gear slim minnows are all good choices.


An all-round setup might be a good way to go as you can cover a large amount of species and sizes.


Its best to follow the tides. Low tide seems to bring good runs of Flathead and Salmon and the high tide consistently produces good Bream and Pinkies. I always find first and last light are good times to fish regardless of the tides.


Williamstown is great for kids, there are parks close by beaches to play on, piers to walk up. And in town you can explore the shops, grab and ice cream and even head for a walk at the botanical gardens. There are available public toilets and parking. However on the piers themselves keep an eye on the kids, if they get bored then rig up small as there is an abundance of small mullet they they can keep busy catching.


This area is chock full of pests like Gobies and Star fish. I could count how many times my line wasn’t moving yet when I check the bait has one on the end of the line.


Only 2 fishing lines permitted, Always carry your Victorian fishing license, and always follow catch limits. Where possible we encourage catch and release.


Parking is available in front of Fergusson street pier, but its only free during certain hours. I have seen anglers fined here. There is paid parking along the main road.