Thanks for playing the Fishing Species Trivia Game which was uploaded on youtube on wed 8th April 2020. Beat the isolation boredom by playing the Name the fish species Fishing Trivia Quiz Game. Simply watch this short video which will show 4 fishing photos zoomed in 50 times. Your task is to guess the fish species by writing your answers in the comments sections.

Your Fishing Species Trivia Answers

Collectively we compiled all of the answers received which was the following breakdown.

Photo 1 – Snook ( 60% ), Whiting ( 20 % ), Mullet ( 10% ), Mulloway ( 10% ) – Well done majority were correct with Snook or Pike

Photo 2 – Salmon ( 50% ), Squid ( 40 % ), Bream ( 5% ), Kingfish ( 5% )  – Many thought this was a squid, however, well-done majority were correct with Australian Salmon

Photo 3 – Snapper/Pinkie ( 100% ) Well done this was the easy one thrown in which was picked up by all.

Photo 4 – Flathead ( 60% ), Redfin ( 20 % ), Whiting ( 5% ), Stingray ( 5% ), Mudskipper ( 5% ), Salmon ( 5% ) – The majority of guesses were for flathead which was incorrect the actual answer being redfin ( english Perch ).


The correct Fishing Trivia answers

1st photo was a Snook/Pike taken on a Savage Gear 8cm fat Curltail soft plastic in motor oil at Campbells Cove

2nd photo was an Australian Salmon taken on a 62mm Savage Gear Sea Missile Metal lure in Green flash at Gunamatta beach

3rd photo was a Snapper taken at Altona on an Octopus jig whilst kayak fishing. Why not have a look at our guide on how to catch Snapper in Port Phillip Bay

4th photo was a Redfin ( English Perch ) taken on a bright Savage Gear Blade from Lake Daylesford


Additions or Corrections for this location

Thank you for playing along with our Fishing Species Trivia Game. If you feel this document is missing any key information or needs any corrections made, then please let us know by emailing our team at with specific details in the email. Please also feel free to share any future gaming suggestions, fishing pictures you have from this location with us. Thank you