Welcome to the Olight Marauder Mini Torch Review. As my fishing adventures grow through the FishingMad YouTube channel and TV series, I’m always looking to push the limits and explore new avenues to create refreshing content. In recent times this has pushed me towards night fishing which is something I historically avoided because of safety issues, the inability to navigate easily, and very difficult to record and capture. However, I’ve learned recently that good lighting systems can change all of that. When you’re on the move fishing land-based or by boat you need something that’s a convenient size, something that is iPX8 waterproof, something rugged, and of course, something that provides excellent lighting. That’s where the olight Marauder mini has been a great fit.

Watch the Olight Marauder Mini Torch in use during our latest night bushwalk


In recent weeks we have been land-based fishing at night during tide changes. We set out to places including the Werribee River, Barwon River, and even Port Phillip Bay and Western Port. The torch was really helpful in navigating our way around, and for even things, we didn’t originally think of including wildlife such as reptiles and birds. This session could be anywhere from 7 pm to 6 am.

These are often productive windows, exceptional ways to avoid crowds, and when predatory species and ambush predators are most active. The Olight Marauder mini plays a few roles for us in these situations. Navigating, spotting, and recording. Let’s break these down little as they are important.


Fishing in remote areas that are very dark at night the Olight Marauder mini allows us to easily walk around. We can adjust the lighting on the go from flood to spot and even adjust the light strength and color to suit the conditions. This can also be very important to not spook the fish or wildlife around us.

We also often have long walks in quite remote areas to get to our desired waterway. This is done easily with the Olight Marauder mini, especially in flood mode. I usually pack a spare battery for good measure and batteries are changed quickly and effortlessly.


Sight Casting for fish is something that’s growing in popularity. At night many predatory species will come into the shallows to feed. They are often well camouflaged. We use the Olight Marauder mini to spot fish in the water and use a technique called sight casting. This basically means we move around in a quiet and stealthy fashion using to torch to find fish. Once found we carefully and accurately cast a lightly weighted soft plastic of lure towards them. This often generates a reactive strike. The lures or soft plastics are imitating a wounded bait fish which our target species actively feed upon. Many will take the plastic or lure just because of their predatory instincts alone.

For us, this has been flathead in the shallow flats with soft plastics, snook or pyke on surface or sub-surface lures, bass, and estuary perch on surface along weed lines. And out on the boat this is often looking for sharks then anchoring and throwing out big baits.

The Olight Marauder Mini is a convenient small size yet mighty in performance.


Many will understand that GoPros and even some high-end digital SLR cameras really struggle in low-light situations. The footage is generally dull, grainy, blurry, and unusable. The floodlight setting on the Olight Marauder mini can turn this dull and unusable footage into excellent usable footage that captures some amazing content that is often not properly captured.


Nighttime bushwalking with the Marauder Mini

In between all my fishing adventures I love exploring the places we visit with the kids. This often includes nighttime bushwalks, The torch plays a big role in allowing us to navigate safely but more excitingly to use the spotlight to discover wildlife. This includes kangaroos, koalas, wombats, rabbits, spiders, lizards, foxes, reptiles, and birds. It’s amazing what you can discover at night which is often when wildlife is at its most active.

Spoting kangaroos on our latest trip. The distance and range of the Marauder mini is amazing. 

Olight Marauder Mini Torch ordering and experience

I order my Olight Marauder mini online for $299. It arrived within 48 hours. It was packaged brilliantly. On opening, you had to simply remove the protective film from the lens and also unscrew the bottom, and remove the protective plastic from the battery. Once done you got the magnetic USB charger and charged the torch which has a nice LED indicator. Red for needs to be charged and green for charged and ready. I inserted the torch into the protective case that it came with and tethered the shock lead so I can wear it around my wrist. Then straight into my fishing backpack and off we set.

Olight Marauder Mini Modes

What’s great about this torch is that you can easily flick between so many lighting modes. Go from spotlight to floodlight with one click flick of a button. Then easily adjust the brightness by scrolling. And you can also change the colors by pressing and holding in the button. It takes a few minutes to get used to all the modes and understand how and when to use what. My kids figured out the lighting modes within minutes and loved how different lighting modes changed the experience so greatly in our night outdoor adventure walks.

Bushwalks are fun with intuitive adjustable modes

After usage Charging is a breeze with the magnetic USB charger. Once charged you can easily store the torch away in the supplied pouch.

Where to buy the Olight Marauder Mini Torch

If you’re looking for a lighting system that is portable, rugged and has a great variety of light settings then look no further. You can buy this awesome torch using this weblink



Olight Marauder Mini specifications and important notes
  • Dual beam Floodlight and Spotlight options …
  • Simply adjust the light strength by scrolling
  • Change between 3 colour settings by holding button
  • 7,000 lumens in flood mode
  • 600-meter range in spotlight
  • 9 LEDs surrounding the main centre light outputs of 2,000 – 7,000 lumens
  • A nice size which fits in the palm of your hand easily or stored away easily in my backpack
  • Intuitive battery meter reading
  • Teether a wrist strap
  • 6500 mAh battery
  • Can buy spare batteries and swap batteries quickly
  • Magnetic usb charging. Takes 2-3 hours to fully charge
  • Built in thermal sensor and cooling fins to prevent overheating.
  • 5 year warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Looks great
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • 5 meter resistance proof
  • Cost $299 which includes free delivery. Delivery for me was 48 hours.
  • Olight Marauder Mini Torch Review



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