Welcome to the Baerskin Tactical Hoodie 3.0 review by FishingMad. The fishing and filming never stops at FishingMad as we have a TV show to fulfil which means we are often out fishing and filming in unpleasant conditions. Battling cold winds, rain and so much more. It’s vitally important for us to stay warm and comfortable so we can focus on capturing epic catches and footage for our viewers.

I recently bought a Baerskin Tactical hoodie which are advertised as hoodies made for the outdoors. This product was inspired by existing hoodies on the market which can be baggy, uncomfortable and not built for the elements. The one I purchased is the new version labelled 3.0 as these hoodies have taken on a few facelifts taking on customer feedback. Now when it comes to clothing, I’m very sensory ( I always have been ) so comfort is incredibly important. These hoodies are made from 330 gsm fleece comfortable material. When out filming we often do exhaustive tasks such as kilometres of walking, hiking, kayaking, and no doubt hundreds of casts whilst fishing. Therefore, comfort and warmth are essential, and the bearskin tactical hoodie 3.0 suits this need well. They use a technology they have cleverley marketed as “windsulation” which simply refers to its comfort and flexible material which has an elastic waist, adjustable hood and Velcro cuffs that block out the wind.


The volume of pockets on the BaerSkin tactical hoodies are incredible. For me, this is helpful when outdoors filming as I generally carry my wallet, keys, sunglasses, energy bars, flask with water, knife, pliers, GoPros, digital camera, batteries, fishing line, hand sanitiser, gloves, and it also has a wide back pocket which I use to have heat pads. These hoodies have 6 pockets on the outside, 3 pockets on the inside and 3 extra secret pockets inside.

To personalise these jackets, you can buy them in 8 different colours to choose from and they also have Velcro patches on both sides of the arms. I ordered 2 x Australian flag patches with the Punisher logo to give them a cool and personalised look.

What we like about the new Baerskin hoodie 3.0

  • Comfortable
  • Blocks the wind and retains heat
  • 330 gsm fleece
  • A ridiculous amount of pockets. 12 of them in total
  • Lightweight with noticeable flex
  • durable
  • Bungie cords on hoodie for snug fit
  • Rubber cuffs to block any wind getting in the sleeves
  • Not baggy like other jackets
  • Reinforced zips
  • Cool Velcro flag patch so you can wear your colours with pride


The Baerskin Tactical 3.0 hoodies come available in 8 colours and 6 sizes. These jackets are advertised for $464 which is a steep price for thin fleece material. However, I bought mine online during the black Friday sale for $184.95. It has free shipping and came delivered within 5 business days packaged in a zip lock bag. You can visit the BaerSkin website to see more.


Concerns for buyers to read.

These tactical hoodies are designed in Europe but 100% made in China. I have seen other online reviews and review sites with many suggesting they had issues with poor tracking, long delivery, no delivery, payment errors and poor customer support. I can only comment on my experience which has been very good. My hoodie was delivered within 5 business days to Australia and the product was as advertised, light, comfortable with lots of pockets. If you have any concerns, please email stephanie@baerskinhoodie.com or mzingaye@div-brands.com Thanks



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