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Back in 2020, local squid jig developer INKU introduced new squid jigs into the market with 3 colours and 3 sizes to choose from. After 3 years of market research and development, they have come back strong and introduced a refreshed range of new squid jigs that look impressive. Let’s look into these squid jigs with a bit more detail.

INKU Squid Jig Colours, sizes and features

This now includes 10 different colours.

  • Rainbow Magic
  • Hunter
  • Red Head
  • Dark Knight
  • Red Devil
  • Glow Pink
  • Gold Runner
  • Dynawhite
  • Glow Orange
  • Glow Tiger

It’s an extensive and impressive colour range with high-quality reflective cloth which is a step up from the previous range of jigs available. Increasing the colour options leaves consumers spoiled for choice and now with a tough decision on which jigs to start with. On first look, I was drawn to the colours Magic Rainbow and Hunter but I was happy to see subtle colour improvements to Red Devil which now employs the classic red and black which is very popular in local systems like Western Port and Port Phillip Bay. The shiny enhancements to Glow Tiger make it really stand out. It’s also great to see some standard classics added to the mix like Red Head, Dark Knight the ever-popular Dynawhite.

Each colour mentioned above is available in different 3 sizes. Different sizes are really helpful depending on where you fish. I fish many shallow systems where a smaller 2.5 is great to avoid getting snagged and I also fish deeper and tidal systems with big squid such as Western Port where the bigger size is great.

  • 2.5 – $16.49
  • 3.0 – $17.99
  • 3.5 – $19.49

Looking at the features the new Inku squid jigs feature 3D eyes, feathers, ultra-sharp Japanese trebles and Lumo glow technology that glows in low-light conditions.

All the jigs glow in the dark too, as shown in the pic below. 

INKU Squid Jig Prices

As you can see above the prices vary from $16.49 through to $19.49 depending on the size jig you select. It’s also worth noting these are only sold online and offer free shipping on all orders over $80. When you study the current squid jig prices on the market you will see many offerings between $18 and $25 so at a starting price point of $16.49 the price is fair and reasonable.

You can purchase these squid jigs from the INKU online store. Inku also offers a variety of squid fishing products including braided lines, floats, landing nets, squid tackle storage, UV Torches, Lights, Brag mats, Quick change clips, Towels and more. So do check out their range of products on their online store.


INKU Squid Jigs Review in action

These squid jigs have just hit the market but our initial tests on the water have been excellent. The jigs have caught many squid, had a great sinking rate and been quite durable.  The jigs were designed and tested locally in Melbourne Australia. It’s great to see local brands designing products that match the local systems and conditions. In this case, having a variety of squid jigs in a variety of colours and sizes suited to our local waters. I will be out using these squid jigs over the coming months.



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