Shimano Zodias 2020 Review. The new Zodias rods have finally arrived, part of Shimano’s highly regarded JDM series. Popular with anglers and designed for fishing with lures and soft plastics for a whole range of local fish species. The older model Zodias rods released in 2015 were popular, so what’s new with the 2020 model that would make you go out and buy a new one.



You can buy a Shimano Zodias spin rod here or you can buy a Shimano Vanford spin reel here

These rods have a stylish red and black colour scheme and pair perfectly with a Shimano Vanford Spin Reel. The next generation of zodias rods replaces the bottom EVA foam grips of previous models with a new hollow carbon monocoque butt section. Which makes the rod lightweight, with increased sensitivity throughout the whole rod blank. This means you feel in contact with your lure at all times and can quickly respond to all those nibbles and bites.

Overall, the rod is well built, using Shimano’s Power-X graphite blank and fuji stainless steel guides. It feels durable, casts well, and is certainly very sensitive with a nice fast action. Watch as we roadtest the Shimano Zodias 2020 on the water targeting pinky snapper.

The Shimano Zodias look and feel

Before we get into the technical details of the new Zodias we must say that the rods look amazing. The rods continue the red and black colours which look stylish and sharp. The design of the new integrated butt is clever and really stands out. When paired with a Vanford, stradic CI4+ or any other high-end Shimano reel such as a twin power it becomes a great looking and well-balanced spin combo. Light but mighty powerful.

From a technical design perspective, there are some new great features. For starter, the new 2020 Zodias has a new feature Shimano’s exclusive Carbon Monocoque Butt. Where the but below the handle is integrated into the rod. Maximising the ultimate sensitivity. The Full Carbon Monocoque rod butt is made of hollow carbon and eliminates the need for EVA from the rear grip. This provides a very lightweight construction that is very sensitive and increases vibration through the rod blank. So your hands working the lures will feel even more than normal.

They provide a great balance of power and finesse. Other noteworthy inclusions are the Hi-Power X graphite blank and Ci4+ Reel Seat. Suggesting the Shimano stradic ci4+ reel is the perfectly weighted rod to pair with the rod. Shimano has also upgraded to Fuji Stainless Alconite K guides with a SiC tip. The new range of Zodias rods will set you back at around $300 per rod. It’s a decent price point but easily justified with many great features and designs.

Shimano Zodias 2020 highlights

The new Shimano Zodias 2020 Review has 12 models in the range to cover a whole range of fishing styles.

Shimano Zodias specs and spin models available

20ZOD264L – 6’4” Spin 1pc 3-6lb
For all things finesse, the 264L has got you covered. From light estuary fishing for bream to fishing in the fresh for bass, this rod is compatible with all types of light lures.

20ZOD268L – 6’8” Light Spin 1pc 3-6lb
Much like the 264L in weight, the extra length in the 268L makes for added performance in casting and accuracy. Perfect for throwing light lures up to 10g to those snags that are harder to reach.

20ZOD268ML – 6’8” Medium/Light Spin 1pc 4-8lb
This medium to light range spin is well balanced and holds the ultimate casting ability and power. Featured with a delicate soft tip, moveability and manipulation of your lure is increased. This model is perfect for all things finesse that still pack a punch.

20ZOD270M – 7’0” Medium Spin 2pc 5-10lb
The 270M provides the angler with the feel and sharpness of light and sensitive rod, while also equipping the power when needed. Long casting performance is easily achieved with this model and is well suited to all things estuary.

20ZOD270UL – 7’0” Ultra-Light Spin 1pc 2-5lb
The ultra-finesse model in the range is equipped with added length for cast-ability and sensitivity when using those extremely light jigs and lures. The added length increases bite sensitivity and ultimately aids in setting the hooks. Perfect for surface action on bream and bass.

20ZOD270L – 7’0” Light Spin 2pc 3-6lb
Added length in the 270L, ultimately aids in casting performance and that perfect lure placement. From light estuary fishing for bream to fishing in the fresh for bass, this rod is compatible with all types of light lures.

20ZOD270ML – 7’0” Medium/Light 2pc 4-8lb
The universal 270ML, is a great allrounder for light-medium range fishing. The blank attain the sensitivity and action for those small fish, however, can still provide the stopping power to those larger species.

20ZOD270MH – 7’0” Medium/Heavy Spin 2pc 6-12lb
The versatile 270MH is suited to all styles of fishing in the medium to light heavy range. Perfect for flicking larger plastics and vibes in the deep and shallow areas.

20ZOD270H – 7’0” Heavy Spin 2pc 7-14lb
The heaviest of the new spin models. The 270H is your workhorse for those larger species that don’t want to be caught. This model is perfect for such species as snapper, mulloway, barra and those larger mangrove jacks.


Shimano Zodias 2020 Baitcast models available

20ZOD166ML – 6’6” Medium/Light Baitcast 1pc 7-14lb
A versatile medium range model, that demonstrates finesse and power. This model is perfect for a mid-light range of bait cast fishing. This model is well suited to chasing species such as barra, mangrove jack, Murray cod, and other river species.

20ZOD1510M2 – 5’10” Medium Baitcast 2pc 10-20lb
Sitting in the middle, there’s the 1510M2. The model is short in length, which makes it perfect for casting in those tight spots. However, it also brings the power and ability to land those fish that may seem unstoppable.

20ZOD175HA – 7’5″ Medium/Heavy Baitcast 2pc 12-25lb
The 175HA model steps it up a notch. This long cast rod is made to target those species with a grunt. Perfect for larger Mangrove Jacks, Barra, Threadfin, and Murray Cod.


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