Welcome to the ORORO Heated Jacket Review. I don’t consider myself fashionable and rarely get excited about clothing. But I was thrilled when I received my heated Men’s Jacket from Ororo. I am an avid fisherman, and the filming commitments never stop. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 degree in Winter or 40 degrees in Summer we will be out there creating content. This Winter like no other has been a grind. Many freezing mornings often fishing first light generally a productive bite window when the conditions are barely a degree or two. I try to stay warm by wearing many layers of clothing including thermals but find I’m constantly restricted in movement and uncomfortable.

We ran a seminar recently on how to stay warm whilst fishing throughout winter with our members. Surprisingly we had an overwhelming number of enquiries and requests about heated jackets. Based on this appetite and feedback I thought it was time to explore and test. Upon countless online searching, I stumbled upon Ororo. A global company that started in 2015 and specialises in heated apparel. Their company started with the simple idea that a jacket that can provide warmth on even the coldest days of the year. Something that resonates with a mad fisherman like myself.  I explored the range of products and was keen on the men’s classic heated jacket in black and blue colour. The product looked comfortable, wind and water resistant, good range of zips, ease of use, up to 10 hours of battery life and the price was reasonable.

I proceeded with an order picking a Large size for my 5 foot 10 frame and paid $279. I am glad I did as the Shipping was a breeze, I received an order confirmation immediately, followed later that day by a shipping notice confirmation and my jacket arrived 48 hours later. It was packaged great really well and came with a helpful set of instructions.

Images below of how contents were shipped


After a quick read of the document, it was very clear how to use the product. Simply use the provided A/C adapter and charge the supplied battery. Unzip the jacket and secure the battery into place at the bottom left zip. Simply connect the power and zip up the pocket. Then simply press and hold the small button near the logo. Simple, easy and effective.

Easy way to connect power to the jacket.

My first session using the jacket was fishing on 5-metre boat on Port Phillip Bay. We had a 5 am start so we set off into the bay 45 minutes before sunrise. It was a brisk 2 degrees and the conditions were 25 kilometres south-east winds which meant we had some swell and whitewash to deal with. The jacket was a game changer. It was very comfortable, and with one press of the button for 3 seconds, it heated quickly keeping me warm and comfortable without having to wear a crazy volume of layers which is what I usually do. This helped to wear a life jacket which can be very awkward when wearing so many layers.  It also made the fishing so much easier as I was able to move freely and cast without restriction. On this day we were casting lures and soft plastics for salmon an aggressive pelagic species that schooled up in big numbers in the colder months.

Ororo Heated jacket review

In a humorous way, the jacket almost reminds me of an electric blanket. A similar technology that keeps you warm and comfortable, but in this case wrapped up in a smart and sophisticated way that keeps you mobile and comfortable. The jacket has 3 heating modes high, medium and low which are easily changed by pressing the button once. The visual indicator above the Ororo logo will show red for high, white for medium and blue for low. Again simple and effective. The battery life in my tests to date has been excellent, my sessions on the water have been roughly 6 hours long and on all occasions, I still had ample battery remaining, even enough to charge my phone and GoPro. The new batteries are 52,000 milliamp hours to provide roughly 10 hours of usage.


I was able to easily remove the hoodie once the temperature had become more comfortable. And had plenty of pockets for my important belonging like a smartphone, keys and wallet. Also knowing their water resistance is very important as I don’t want salt water contact on my important items. After usage was very simple. I simple removed the battery and recharged it. The Battery also has a USB port meaning I was able to charge some GoPro batteries and smartphones on the go. Not its intended purpose but very handy non the less. The A/C adapter also comes with different global plugs. The jacket is machine washable and come with washing instructions which are important as my fishing is exposed to all sorts of elements including saltwater and dirt.

Overall, I was really impressed with the quality of the product. The ease of purchase and shipping. For a change, I’m looking forward to those winter mornings out on the water. Please note that FishingMad members have 20% discounts on these jackets. The discount code can be found within the member’s area under “Store Discounts”.




  • A softshell fabric exterior with a soft lining ensures you don’t lose any excess heat and enjoy comfortable warmth
  • The detachable hood is specially designed for chilly mornings and extra protection on windy days
  • Water and wind resistance for your unrestricted movement toward outdoor
  • The ideal and warm choice for you, family members, friends, and employees, to enjoy outdoor activities (motorbike riding, sport, camping, fishing, construction, etc.) in a cold and chilly climate
  • 3 carbon fibre heating elements generate heat across core body areas (left & right chest, mid-back)
  • Adjust 3 heating settings (High, medium, low) with just a simple press of the button
  • Up to 10 working hours (3 hrs on high, 6 hrs on medium, 10 hrs on low heating setting)
  • Heat quickly in seconds with 7.2V UL/CE-certified battery
  • USB port for charging smartphones and other mobile devices


What you get

  • 1 x Heated Jacket
  • 1 x Lithium-Ion Battery (5200 mAh, 7.2 V)
  • 1 x USB-C Charger (input voltage: 100-240V)
  • 1 x User Manual (English, German, French)



  • 3-Year Limited Warranty on heating elements
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty on battery
  • 30-day return and exchange


Price and Purchase details

  • $229 Aus includes free postage ( 20% discount for FishingMad Members ( discount code can be found within the member’s area under “Store Discounts” )
  • You can purchase Ororo Men’s classic heated jackets directly from the Ororo website.


Thanks for reading the ORORO Heated Jacket Review. Feel free to check out our other Fishing Product reviews.  if you have any questions or concerns then please let us know by contacting our team at enquiries@fishingmad.com.au cheers