Welcome to Shimano TCurve Premium Review. The T-Curve range of rods is a mature product range that has been around for a very long time. In 2020 we saw a major refresh of the product line-up quickly followed by a further refresh in 2021 with the new TCurve Premium. The TCurve Premium would be a change for the rod series going with higher product specs at a more expensive price point. The new features would include incorporating the hollow butt section for increased action and sensitivity which we have seen already with rod series such as the Zodias and Poison Adrena, Incorporating the graphite weight reduced Shimano’s X5 Blank, split carbon butt design for increased sensitivity and feel, higher grade Fuji SiC K guides and available in 12 different models 7 spin and 5 baitcaster.

I was an early adopter of both the 2020 TCurve and the TCurve Premium rods. For the Premium rods, I was immediately drawn in by the stylish appearance with the metallic black and blue hollow butt section and cork grips. Also, the reduced weight which really appeals to my preferred forms of ultralight fishing. I bought the 7 foot 2-5 kilo model which would be perfect for fishing my local inshore waters for species like pinky snapper, flathead, whiting, squid and more.

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The rod has slowly grown on me and today it’s my go-to inshore rod. I have this paired with either a Shimano Sustain 2500 or Twin Power XD 3000 depending on what species I’m targeting on the day. It’s a nice rod to use, crisp fast action ( not extra fast ), and it’s lightweight and very responsive. I had no issues using the rod and immediately found myself tangling with snapper, flathead, whiting and much more with this rod. Although the new premium rods are lighter in weight, they still feel really sturdy. The light rods in the range feel very capable of tangling with a decent size fish. I wouldn’t classify these rods as finesse. If I were targeting light estuary species then id prob is tempted to look at something with a thinner rod blank. However, in inshore waters that ill be fishing including Port Phillip Bay and Westernport, they are terrific.

At a price point of $500 it’s fair to be picky and there are some minor issues with this rod. Starting with no hook keeper which is a tad frustrating. By not having one you are always tempted to use the guides to attach your jig head or lure to at the end of the day which isn’t great for the longevity of the rod. Most rods around this price point have one. I’m also on the fence with the 1.5 rod length. Basically, the bottom butt section is about 30% of the length of piece one and the top end is about 70% of the length of the other piece. This is done to increase strength in the rod blank and increase sensitivity towards the rod tip. However, for a 2-piece rod, it’s just unpractical when travelling. If you’re going to buy a 2 piece rod then it should be as close to a 50/50 split for pure convenience. Otherwise, id prefers to buy this rod as a single piece with no spigot joint. The bottom section of the rod has a beautiful smooth shiny finish whilst the top section has a matt black finish. However, most rod manufacturers generally do this.

These are quite minor things but should weigh into your buying choices when putting up a Shimano T-Curve Premium vs other high-end rods at a similar price point.


TCurve Premium Specs

As mentioned about the rod series is available in 12 different models 7 spin and 5 baitcaster as outlined in the table below.

TCurve Prem Specs

Shimano TCurve Premium Cost

For this flagship rod, you will be paying $499 at most major retailers. ( I waited for a 20% sale and picked up the rod for $399 ). At $499, it has some stiff competition including rod series such as the Daiwa Commanders and Millerods production rods. That being said it holds its own. It has enough unique elements and its sturdy yet lightweight design makes it a really enjoyable product to use. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then you could consider the 2020 T Curve which is almost half the price and a very capable rod. Or we would strongly suggest having a look at the Shimano Zodias which has a similar look and feel without some of the upgraded components.


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