Welcome to the Sea-Doo fish pro 2021 preview. The Fish pro jet skis have been a welcome change to recreational fishing in recent years. We have been big fans of the 155 model released in 2019 and the 170 version released in 2020. You can see our Sea-Doo 2020 fish pro roadtest videos here.

Today Sea-Doo has released a sneak peek at the coming 2021 jet ski range. Of course, at Fishingmad we are very keen to see and test the new Fish Pro 2021 model. Which we will no doubt share as soon as they land in Australia. Details are still being leaked by SeaDoo but some of the new features we can confirm include the following.

  • New Display panel

Fish Pro 2021 Display Panel

  • New colours

Sea-Doo Fish Pro 2020 new colours

  • Intelligent Debris pump-free system

  • Front cup and rod holders

Sea-Doo Fish pro 2020 Rod Holders

  • Retractable mooring rope for quick launching

Fish pro 20201 Mooring

  • Expansion cooler kits
  • Updated Garmin Fish Finder
  • Extended rear platform
  • more to come

Stay tuned as we will make sure we are one of the first in Australia to give you a full walkaround of the units as soon as they arrive in the country. What can we say we are excited.

A world-class fishing vessel bringing a whole new level of excitement into recreational fishing for the family.


You can see more about the Sea-Doo fish Pro directly on Sea-Doo website.

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