Welcome to the Berkley Reveal 2020 Products. Berkley this week has announced some new and exciting additions to its product range. They will be showcasing these products by revealing a new product release every 24 hours on their website. Spoiler alert some of these products are already being advertised by resellers on their social media pages. These will be released covering Gulp saltwater range first followed by powerbait, shimma fork, jigheads, fishing line, and apparel.



You can see more details on the Berkley Fishing website

Gulp saltwater 9 inch Jerkshad

Gulp saltwater 9 inch Jerkshad

First Berley has released a 9 inch jerk shad specifically designed to target larger fish. With more surface area there is more scent absorbed within the soft bait. The design includes an extended tail to provide a strong realistic action when being retrieved at a medium or fast pace. The range includes 10 colours Blue Fuze, Blue Pepper neon, Firetiger, lime tiger glow, nuclear chicken, pearl white, pilchard, pink shine, slimed and Yakk snak.


Gulp saltwater Paddleshad

Gulp saltwater Paddleshad

Combining an industry favourite a traditional paddle tail with gulp attracting scent. These shads come in 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch versions. Available in 6 colours Black Gold, Black Silver Glitter, Nuclear chicken, Pink Belly, Silver Mullet and Pearl White. These look to be an instant hit on a whole heap of local fish species.


Gulp saltwater 7 inch Turtleback worm

7 inch turtleback worm

The 3rd release is an increase in the very popular turtleback worms series. Now including a 7-inch version and new colours to choose from. The 4 inch versions have been an outstanding choice for targeting species such as pinky snapper and flathead but the bigger version will also allow you to target some bigger species as well. The turtleback worms are packed full of scent and can be slow rolled or bounced off the bottom to great effect. The range includes 6 colours Blue Pepper neon, Camo, Green Fleck, New Penny, Nuclear chicken and Pumpkin seed.


Gulp saltwater 5 inch grub

Gulp 5 inch grub

The 4th release is another variation to an existing popular product the grub. This time they have introduced a bigger 5 inch profile grub with improved swimming action. These will really be designed at offshore species and designed to get down quickly whilst having an irresistible tail flutter action on the way down and whilst being retrieved. The new colours include Curried Chicken, Mackarel, Pearl white, Pink Shine, Red Fleck and Sardine. They also have introduced 3 new colours to the 6 inch grub including blue fuse, orange belly shrimp and red belly shrimp.


Gulp Gel Rub on Scent UV

Gulp Gel Scent

The 5th release is an exciting one the legendary Gulp scent which you used to have within your packets of soft plastics are bow available in a rub-on gel. 30 years of scientific research on a fish-attracting scent which you can apply to soft plastics and lures to catch more fish. To make the scent out stand out from the crowd it’s packed with UV to give it both a visual and smell attractant that fish can’t resist.  These will be available at all good tackle stores $14.99 for a 35ml tube. We cant wait to try this out and compare it against other players in the market such as S-Factor and ProCure.


Powerbait HD Hollowbody paddle tail

HD Hollowbody paddletail

The 5th release is one finally from the powerbait range. An old classic the Hollowbody paddle tail now in High Definition. Yes, that’s right an old classic with refined detail in the design and artistic finishes. These translucent paddle tails are truly lifelike mimicking a baitfish. They now come in 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch models. In 4 realistic colours and designs garfish, mullet, slimey and yakka as shown in the image above.


Powerbait 2.5 inch grub

Powerbait GrubThe 6th release is another good one. 2.5 inch grubs are one of the most popular fishing products on today’s market. However, the berkley powerbait 2.5 inch grub has a few differences to really make it stand out. It’s scented unlike any other and its also infused with UV making it really irresistible for even the fussiest of fish. Not to mention an amazing natural tail action ideal for estuary species such as bream and bass. Available in 8 colours black, black gold, bleak, bloodworm, Breen chartreuse, Houdini, Pink Glitter and Pumpkinseed.


Powerbait 3 inch Nemesis paddletail

Powerbait 3 inch nemesis paddletailThe 7th release is a subtle size addition to a soft plastic range which hit the market in 2019 with lots of success. The 3 inch nemesis paddle tail which will join the existing 4 inch and 5 inch models. Of course, it’s scented and has an amazing natural tail action. The 3 nch size will open fishing up to a whole range of predatory fish species. Available in 8 colours black, black gold, bleak, bloodworm, Breen chartreuse, Houdini, Pink Glitter and Pumpkinseed.


Powerbait 5 inch Nemesis

Berkley 5 inch NemesisThe 8th release is another subtle size addition to an existing soft plastic product range. The very popular nemesis now has a 5 inch variation. Joining the existing 3 inch, 4 inch and 6.5 inch variations. The 5 inch model will be perfect for local species such as snapper. Of course, it’s scented, UV and has an amazing natural tail action. Also available in 8 colours black, black gold, bleak, bloodworm, Breen chartreuse, Houdini, Pink Glitter and Pumpkinseed.


Powerbait 8 inch Jerkshad

Berkley 8 inch Jerk ShadThe 9th release is an 8 inch jerkshad soft plastic. Look out big predatory saltwater species as these come infused in scent and a range of 8 new exciting colours. Including Bleak, Bloodworm, Breen Chartreuse, Firetiger, Nuclear Chicken, Pearl white, Pink Glitter and Smelt.


Berkley Shimma Fork Big Red

Berkley Shimma Fork NewThe 10th release is a whole new product line the Shimma fork. The first release of the shimma fork family is the big red which is created specifically for targeting big snapper. Opting for upgraded owner S-125 single hooks instead of traditional trebles. Coming in 2 sizes 100mm and 120mm and 5 colours. Frosty Gaze, Hot Pink, Jack Flash, Perch, Whitebait. This looks to be an exciting new product release


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