Welcome to the best spinning reels 2024. In this article, we summarise our favorite spinning reels on the fishing market. Covering a whole range of different classes from the elite Stella and Exist to entry-level Siennas. Spanning a wide variety of budgets, brands, and applications. The range of reels on the market is almost endless and packed full of different features to match their asking price. Let’s cover our favorites from high-end to entry-level.


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Best finesse spinning reels in 2024 

Best Fishing Reels 2022

When budget is no boundary these are the best reels available on the market. A steep price point but in return the best set of available features. These reels are lightweight, strong, look amazing, and are silky smooth. They offer superior balance when paired with high-end rods with top-of-range componentry. These high-end reels are generally priced from $700 and above. We are spoiled in 2024 as heavy hitters Shimano and Daiwa had new releases of their flagship reels the Stella and the Exist. Amazing options at a steep price point. The Daiwa Certate and Twin Power FD continue to be great affordable high-end options. The Twin Power FD is often seen in retail shops at discounted rates.

In 2021 we welcomed a refresh of the Shimano Twin Power FD and the Daiwa Luvias Airity. Both are excellent reels. However, in 2024 we welcomed a refresh of the flagship reel series the Shimano Stella FK, and the Daiwa Exist 22. We have used both extensively and were very impressed with both. We’re seeing a trend of similar colours and styles by most brands going with a sleek yet almost plain silver finish. These reels have unparalleled lightweight and performance. After testing the reels in the list extensively we couldn’t help but lean towards the Stella FK as a top pick and the Daiwa Certate continues to be the best value pick. In 2024 the Airity was refreshed for the third time in as many years. The new 23 model is stylish, lightweight and has an exceptional drag.

  • Shimano Stella FK ( RRP $1,299 ) 
  • Daiwa 22 Exist ( RRP $1,049 )
  • Daiwa 23 Airity ( RRP $799 ) Top Pick
  • Daiwa Certate ( RRP $659 ) 
  • Shimano Twin Power FD ( RRP $630 )
  • Daiwa Luvias ( RRP $479 ) 

Watch a detailed video of FishingMad roadtesting the new Shimano Stella FK in a frantic fishing session of punishment

Best offshore saltwater spin reels in 2024 

Best saltwater reels

Looking to target bigger fish saltwater fish then look no further as these are the best reels available on the market. Yes, again a high price point but in return the best set of available features. These reels are strong, smooth, and look amazing. They offer superior balance with high-end rods with top-of-range componentry. These reels will be used to target anything from Kingfish, Tuna, Snapper, Gummy Sharks, and much more. The primary difference with these reels are they are built with a higher level of protection against saltwater damage. Using IPX6 and IPX8 waterproofing technology. We’re also seeing in time the weight of these reels reduced making them more comfortable to use.

For many years the Shimano Stella has been considered the Rolls-Royce of saltwater spin reels. Today there is some stiff competition with the Daiwa Saltiga growing in popularity and more affordable options such as the Shimano Saragosa SW, Penn Slammer IV, and Daiwa Certate SW being a go-to choice for many anglers.

  • Daiwa Saltiga 20 ( RRP $1,499 )
  • Shimano Stella SWC ( RRP $1,599 )
  • Daiwa Certate SW ( RRP $849 )
  • Shimano Twin Power SWC ( RRP $799 )
  • Shimano Stradic SW ( RRP $469 )
  • Daiwa Saltist ( RRP $429 )
  • Shimano Saragosa SW ( RRP $429 ) Top Pick
  • Penn Slammer IV ( RRP $369 )

Watch our video review of the Shimano Saragosa SW vs the new Stradic SW both great affordable saltwater reels.

Best inshore spin reels 2024 

Inshore reels 2021

Looking to target inshore species such as snapper, gummy sharks and kingfish then look no further as these are the best reels available on the market in this space. These reels are strong, smooth, and look amazing but come in smaller profile sizes with certain species in mind. You will notice some overlap here between the inshore and offshore reels because affordable offshore reels like the Penn Slammer and Shimano Saragosa are excellent inshore options.

  • Daiwa Certate SW ( RRP $799 ) Top Pick
  • Shimano Twin Power XD  ( RRP $799 )
  • Shimano Stradic SW ( RRP $449 )
  • Daiwa Saltist MQ ( RRP $479 )
  • Shimano Saragosa SW ( RRP $429 ) 
  • Daiwa Saltist ( RRP $429 )
  • Penn Slammer IV ( RRP $369 ) Top Pick
  • Daiwa BG MQ ( RRP $299 )
  • Pen Battle III ( RRP $199 )
  • Penn Conflict II ( RRP $159 )

Watch FishingMad punish a new Penn Slammer IV on some big Western Port Sharks

Best spin reels under $500 

Best spin reels

The demand for reels with a mid-range price point but a high set of features is massive. In fact, it’s the highest-selling tier of all fishing reels in today’s market. With rising costs, consumers are demanding a balance of affordability and performance. Thankfully we have no shortage of options here which you will find at all major fishing retailers and specialized tackle stores. The Shimano Vanford has become a very popular choice. It’s a reel we have used extensively since its release and it’s grown on us.

Historically the Stradic and Luvias are some of Australia’s highest-selling reels year after year. But we have seen the Luvias move into the higher price tier and the Stradic is in some ways superseded by the Vanford. The Daiwa revelry Built upon the success of the certate was released in 2021 and has also been a popular choice.

  • Shimano Sustain FJ ( RRP $499 )
  • Daiwa Revelry ( RRP $499 ) Top Pick
  • Shimano Vanford ( RRP $349 ) Top Pick
  • Shimano Stradic Ci4+ ( RRP $299 ) 
  • Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme ( RRP $449 )
  • Shimano Sustain ( RRP $359 )
  • Daiwa TD Sol MQ ( RRP $399 )
  • Daiwa TD Black MQ 21 ( RRP $309 )
  • Shimano Miravel ( Coming Q4 2022 )

Watch our video review of the Shimano Vanford, which has recently superseded the popular Stradic C14+ reel.

Best spin reels under $200

Sitting between entry-level and mid-level these reels are very capable of catching quality fish. These would be considered the best bang for your buck and sell for $200 or less. These reels are perfect for beginners or those looking for pure affordability. These reels generally have fewer bearings, and less waterproofing technology than high-end reels and generally weigh a bit more. Beginner-class anglers cover a big portion of the buying audience. These reels are cheaper yet very capable. Again we see big named brands such as Shimano and Daiwa dominate this space.

  • Daiwa BG ( RRP $189 )
  • Shimano Miravel ( RRP $183 ) Top Pick
  • Shimano Nasci 22 model ( RRP $159 ) 
  • Savage Gear SG8
  • Penn Conflict 2 ( RRP $189 )
  • Ecoda Black Hawk 2 ( RRP $179 )
  • Okuma Helios SX ( RRP $199 )
  • Rapala R-Type ( RRP $159 )
  • Daiwa Exceller ( RRP $149 ) Top Pick
  • Penn Fierce IV ( RRP $149 ) Top Pick
  • Savage Gear SG6 ( RRP $139 )
  • Daiwa Legalis ( RRP $129 ) 


Best Reels under $100 

Surprisingly these entry-level reels are still very capable of catching quality size fish. Again the market for reels of $100 and less is huge and the beginner class anglers cover a big portion of the buying audience. These reels generally provide the basics to get you started. These reels generally have the least bearings, little waterproofing technology, and weigh the most.

  • Daiwa Aird ( RRP $99 ) Top Pick
  • Shimano Sedona ( RRP $99 )
  • Shimano Nexave ( RRP $99 ) Top Pick
  • Savage Gear SG4 ( RRP $99 )
  • Ugly Stik Ugle Tough Reel  ( RRP $99 )
  • Okuma Ceymar ( RRP $89 )
  • Shimano Catana ( RRP $89 )
  • Daiwa Laguna ( RRP $89 )
  • Shimano Sienna FG ( RRP $69 )
  • Daiwa CrossFire ( RRP $69 )
  • Abu Garcia Pro Max ( RRP $59 )


Best Squid Egi Reels 

Best Egi Reels 2021

These reels are specifically designed for targeting squid. These smooth reels with double handles are often paired with longer rods. They provide a unique feel and design to get the most out of casting squid jigs. Often high-speed reels that wind in line quickly. That’s where a 6:2.1 ratio reel can come in handy for extra line tension in between lifts of your squid jig. Generally sold in 2500 and 3000 sizes. It’s also worth noting that if you wanted to you could use a generic spin reel and change the handle using Gomexus double-handle power knobs. I have done this with my Shimano Vanford which has been great. Is it clever marketing or is there a true space for dedicated egi reels well that’s for consumers to decide.

  • Daiwa emereldas Air FC LT ( RRP $549 )
  • Daiwa Emereldas Air LT ( RRP $499 )
  • Shimano Sephia BB 2021 ( RRP $299 )
  • Daiwa Emereldas MX ( RRP $399 )
  • Shimano Stradic ( RRP $299 )


Thanks for reading this best spinning reels 2024 article. You can purchase these reels at most fishing tackle stores. You can also see many fishing videos around Melbourne and Victoria. If you have any questions, corrections, or additions then please direct them to enquiries@fishingmad.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as we can.