Welcome to the Daiwa Luvias 20 review. The Daiwa Luvias range of reels is synonymous with ultralight fishing over the past decade. For many anglers including weekend warriors, serious fishos and tournament anglers this reel has been a go-to choice for bream and trout fishing. Lightweight stylish design and reasonable price point have seen the Luvias a favourite choice amongst many. Built-in Japan and with a $600 price point, this reel is targeted at anglers who looking for style, comfort and quality. The team at FishingMad really like the sizes and lightweight design. 1000, 2004 and 2500 staple choices for our lightweight fishing. Feel free to have a look at our favourite bream lures and favourite trout lures which will work great with the new Luvias 20.



The Luvias 2015 range was an instant hit on the market. With a lighter and stronger body and refined looks. Japanese built and marketed as the standard in light tackle spinning reels. Backed with a 5-year warranty. Featuring Real Four Zaion Digigear II, Mag Seal Engine plate, Air Rotor,  ABS II Air Spool, Twistbuster II Airbail, ATD Real Stopper Infinite, Anti Reverse and Silent Oscillation. However, in 2020 Daiwa has taken the new Luvias 20 range to another level with exciting technology improvements built around the LT concept.

What’s new in the Daiwa Luvias 20 range

Daiwa has spent the last few years refining a technology called LT. This LT stands for Light & Tough. Daiwa heavily marketing that their range of reels was significantly stronger and significantly lighter than previous reels. These were highlighted with the new range of Sol III reels, and others such as Certate and Aird. This LT technology has now been implemented into the already light and strong Luvias.

watch the Luvia 20 promo video from Daiwa here

Daiwa Luvias 20 specs

Model Bearings Capacity PE Drag Ratio Weight (g)
20 LUVIAS FC LT 1000D 9BB(3CRBB) PE 0.6-300m 5kg 5.1 150g
20 LUVIAS FC LT 2000D 9BB(3CRBB) PE 0.8-300m 5kg 5.1 150g
20 LUVIAS FC LT2500-XH 9BB(3CRBB) PE 0.8-200m 5kg 6.2 175g
20 LUVIAS LT2500D 9BB(4CRBB) PE 1.2-300m 10kg 5.2 175g
20 LUVIAS LT3000D-C 9BB(4CRBB) PE 1.2-300m 10kg 5.2 180g
20 LUVIAS LT 3000D 9BB(5CRBB) PE 1.5-300m 10kg 5.2 205g
20 LUVIAS LT 4000D-C 9BB(5CRBB) PE 2-300m 12kg 5.2 215g
20 LUVIAS FC LT2000S 9BB(3CRBB) PE 0.4-200m 5kg 5.1 150g
20 LUVIAS FC LT2500S 9BB(3CRBB) PE 0.6-200m 5kg 5.1 155g
20 LUVIAS FC LT2500S-XH 9BB(3CRBB) PE 0.6-200m 5kg 6.2 155g
20 LUVIAS LT 2500S-DH 9BB(4CRBB) PE 0.6- 200m 5kg 5.2 185g
20 LUVIAS LT 3000S-CXH 9BB(4CRBB) PE 0.8- 200m 10kg 6.2 180g

The Luvias 20 design

Our initial thoughts were that the new Daiwa Luvias 20 reels look a little plain and that Daiwa could have done more to make this reel more stylish and appealing. But it does grow on you and quickly. Once you hold and feel the reel you feel the quality, the technology and cant help but be excited by the lightweight. Perhaps Daiwa has missed an opportunity here to make the reel more stylish, but that is easily overlooked with its lightweight and capability. Daiwa Luvias 20 review.

The Luvias 20 features

LONG CAST ABS  20 Luvias features LC-ABS technology for the first time. LC-ABS increases the average flight distance of a cast by up to 5% using a modified spool lip design.

LT CONCEPT As discussed earlier the Luvias puts Light & Tough in a single package, Combining LT and Zaion x MQ.

MONOCOQUE – Zaion x MQ introduces two key technologies. Monocoque body design does not require the use of a body cover, replacing that with a screw-on engine plate. MQ design allows the creation of a smaller body whilst improving strength and creating more useable internal space for a larger diameter drive gear to be installed.

ZAION BODY– Combining MQ body technology with Daiwa’s Zaion material, 20 Luvias is the lightest and strongest it has ever been. Impervious to the harsh saltwater environment, Zaion’s carbon construction is markedly more rigid than the competition, resulting in less flex and ultimately a lighter rotation performance and longer-lasting smoothness.

ZAION x MQ – Blending two of Daiwa’s key reel technologies, 20 Luvias is born. Sophisticated, subtle and classy, 20 Luvias is true to the famous name which Daiwa fans have grown to love over its long and famous history.

Daiwa LT technology

Daiwa Luvias 20 price and availability

The new Daiwa Luvias reel was released in March 2020. These currently sell for $549 at most major fishing retailers. Which is a fair price to pair for a quality reel built in Japan. We have looked at lots of alternatives for that size and weight and nothing quite compares on the market at that price point.


Please note that some images and videos have been provided by Daiwa Australia. You can find out more about this product by visiting the Daiwa Australia website for Luvias 20

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