In recent years metal spoons have become one of my first choices when selecting a lure for freshwater fishing. It’s surprising because when I first started using metal spoons I doubted them greatly. Sure they looked flash but on first tests, I thought they really lacked genuine movement and action when worked in the water. Despite those concerns, I used them anyway and was quickly a reformed believer as these lures despite their lack of action just seem to catch a lot of fish. The upside of spoons is tremendous as they cast a mile. This allows you to cover great distances which are often a big problem with soft plastics and hard body lures. They also allow you to target multiple species at once. Basically, over time I have become very impressed with metal spoons for freshwater species of fish.



click here to see us battling a large rainbow trout on a Pontoon 21 Paco spoon in silver

What are Pontoon 21 Paco Spoons

I first came across Pontoon 21 paco spoons whilst fishing one of my favourite freshwater holes near Geelong. There I was using a hard body minnow and was catching my fair share of redfin but was having issues getting any casting distance with blustery winds. I watched another angler fishing not too far away from me and was in awe of the casting distance he was getting out of the lure he was using. As I watched on he managed to land a beautiful 50cm rainbow trout. I went over and helped him net the rainbow trout. I then got talking with the other angler and asked what lure he was using as I was having all sorts of issues casting. He then showed a couple of these metal spoons, in quite flash colours. These are the new range of Pontoon 21 Paco spoons they have just hit the market and I’m testing them out.

I went home that evening and made some calls to some local fishing distributors to find out more. They explained that they have been extremely successful overseas on species such as bass and perch, especially for vertical jigging. That they are made in solid brass and come in 3 sizes, 2 sizes that will hit Australian shelves. That there is a great looking range of colours and ST36BC trebles which are highly regarded. They have a quite durable noncorrodible galvanic coating so the colour doesn’t peel or fade after usage or strikes. I then went on to order my fair share getting several in the 10.5 and 14 gram versions.

Pontoon 21 Paco Spoon trout

Pontoon 21 Paco spoons sizes

PAC11 – 45mm long version which is 10.5 grams in weight

PAC14 – 54mm long version which is 14 grams in weight

PAC21 – 63mm long version which is a whopping 21 grams in weight ( not in Australia market )

Pontoon 21 Paco spoons colour choices

These spoons come with a solid silver brass mould and different colour options. In most cases resembling a trout or redfin imitation.

Pontoon 21 Paco Spoon colour choices

Pontoon 21 Paco spoons price

In most fishing retail outlets these will retail between $14 and $17 per spoon.

My experiences with Pontoon 21 paco spoons

I’ve used these spoons for some time now. If I go back to my first uses with them initially, I was super impressed with their casting distances. I bought the 10.5 gram and 14 gram versions in the silver, brown trout and redfin colours and really liked the profile size of the 10.5 gram version and find that it casts long enough not to often not need to go to the 14 gram version. I was a little confused at first exactly how to use these but found casting and doing a continual slow roll once the water hit the lure was effective enough. Depending on the depth of the system I am fishing I will add in occasional pauses. However, the majority of fish I have caught has been with a reasonably slow paced continuous roll.

I have now caught countless redfin and trout on this lure. In fact I have caught some of my largest freshwater fish with these spoons. My best to date with these spoons include a 48cm redfin taken on the S30-01 spoon and a 65cm brown trout taken on the G82-01 model. Dont worry even the small redfin and trout will have a go at these too.

Pontoon 21 paco Spoon Pros

They can cast a mile

Allows you to fish against the breeze

Great range of colours

Great profile size

Good quality trebles


Colours dont fade or peel

Pontoon 21 paco Spoon Cons

Its never fun losing a lure at this price point, but the price is reasonable

Lack of action, it doesn’t stop them from catching fish but I always wonder if they had something extra to add a little more action, which might entice predatory freshwater species even more

A final word from the author

I have used these metal spoons now for some time and see them as a goto lure for trout and redfin. I really like the profile size, casting distance and range of colours.  If you have any further notes, suggestions or corrections then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on Likewise if you have any images of videos of this product that you would like to share with us or have added to the review.