Metal spoons have been around for a while now, but there has been a recent explosion of new types, brands models and colours. Therefore spoons are a trending product growing in popularity particularly for freshwater anglers. Increased sales would testify to this. In comes the Nories wasaby, a heavy jigging spoon originally manufactured in Japan and designed for targeting species such as the Largemouth Bass. A unique shaped spoon with precision balance allows you to cast this spoon and for an absolute mile.



For land-based anglers this lure is a game changer, providing anglers with the ability to cast great distances and reach water depths that you generally cant is a great advantage. Often predatory fish will simply strike or chase down this lure out of predatory instincts. And when you get a bite hold on because you know it’s going to be a fish of decent size. If the bite gets a little quiet then sometimes ill smear a little bit of scent on the spoon. ProCure or S-factor is a nice choice when the bite is quiet I find this certainly helps.

The Nories Wasaby Spoon Colour Range

A growing colour range has most of the requirements covered.

BR2, BR4, BR5, BR7, BR8, BR13, BR15, BR16, BR28, BR139, BR172, BR18, BR184, BR265

Also, a new range of metal hammered embossed patterns

Nories Wasaby spoon colour range

Nories Wasaby spoon colour range

What species can I catch with a Nories Wasabi spoon

The Wasabi spoons are designed for freshwater species such as trout, redin, perch and bass.

What Technique to use with the Nories Wasaby

There are generally two distinctive fishing methods. If you’re in a boat, or kayak which is not prone to snags then you would cast the spoon out far and let it sink to the bottom and pause. Then a couple of sharp quick lifts and again letting it sink to the bottom. Repeating this process all the way back to you. Quite often the fish will take the spoon before it hits the bottom so keep a close eye on your line to see if the slack tightens.

The second technique is a very simple cast out, allow the spoon to sink for a couple of seconds then a constant retrieve. Either a medium or slow pace, I generally mix up the retrieval speed. Play around with this until the spoon is ambushed by a predatory freshwater fish.

Nories Wasaby Spoon Price

Nories Wasaby lures are sold from tackle shops generally around $20 mark each, slightly cheaper for the 4 gram and 8 gram models. These can be purchased directly through local tackle shops in your area or online through some fishing retailers. This is quite an expensive price to pay for a metal spoon, however, it’s all quality components but I’m sure many anglers dread the idea of losing a $20 spoon to a snag.

Nories Wasaby Metal Spoons

Nories Wasaby Metal Spoons

The Pros and Cons of the Nories Wasaby

Nice design which is well balanced
Terrific vibrating action
Cast a long way
Can target a whole range of species with one lure
Decent colour range

Are expensive for spoon design lure
Prone to snags
Trebles on 12g are too big at times

Nories Wasaby Verdict

It’s a terrific product and getting raving feedback from renowned local anglers. I have caught some decent size Trout and Redfin with it in recent times. Its made of quality components and can cast so far along you to cover incredible distances. That being said it does have a steep price point for a metal spoon. It’s a spoon that freshwater fisherman should carry in their tackle-box.

A final word from the author

These spoons work remarkably well on freshwater fish species such as trout and redfin. They cast a mile and have great action. It’s certainly an item that I keep in my tackle box. If you have any further notes, suggestions or corrections then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on Likewise if you have any images of videos of this product that you would like to share with us or have added to the review.