Welcome to the Daiwa infeet 2020 review. The new infeet spin rods by Daiwa have arrived ( November 2020 ) building upon the success and contemporary design of the Infeet 18 models. The new Infeet 20 rods look stylish and feel fantastic. Smart design choices and clever technology advancements in lightweight fishing tackle. Were excited by infeet 20 range release from Daiwa watch our details video below to find out why. We explore the features, design, feel, price & specifications. Whilst running through the differences between the infeet spin, Z & flagship EX-model and changes over the infeet 18 range.



As a buyer, there are some things that you need to know firstly the INFEET 20 range of rods come in 3 separate models which have different pricing and feature inclusions.

The Infeet series of rods have been around for a little while now. In 2018 there was a major refresh of the series with 4 new rods that incorporated modern contemporary design which was really popular especially for bream anglers. Fast forward to November 2020 and we have another major refresh. But Daiwa has gone all out this time with Smart design choices and clever technology advancements purpose-built for lightweight fishing. There are 17 rods across 3 separate models starting with the

They are the

  • The infeet 20 Spin base model. 5 rods which will retail for $189
  • The infeet 20 Z model. 6 rods which will retail for $329
  • The infeet 20 EX model. 6 rods which will retail for $499

This time around Daiwa has been very granular with specifically designed rods for certain fishing applications within each of the 3models. There are fast action rods for soft plastics, slowly tapered rods for hard body and crankbaits, custom rods for flicking cranka crabs, custom rods for surface lures and even shorter rods for kayakers or pulling fish out of the heavy structure. You may ask what’s the difference between a soft plastic rod and a hard body crank lures. Well, It really comes down to the action of the rod. Soft plastic rods generally have fast action, little bit stiff so you can feel nibbles and set the hook, strong cast into the structure and a little bit longer for extending casting difference whereas a and hard body lures have slower action so you don’t pull hooks, nice easy cast along with the structure, thicker but section. etc

These rods are colour coded through all series

Red/Black = for fast action rods  ( soft plastic )

Blue/White = for slow/regular action rods ( great for treble based lures )

The rods can be used for both freshwater and saltwater. Very popular for bream, estuary perch, bass, but also very good for redfin, trout, flathead pinkies and so on. That’s why Daiwa has gone with EVA handles and not cork. Just to give the rods that flexibility.

Of course, there are significant differences between the baseline model, the Z models and the EX models. The weights, looks, designs and components used by Daiwa that get better and better as you move up the stack of options.

Daiwa infeet 2020 review breakdown of the model specifications

Daiwa 2020 Infeet spin base model

20 INFEET Spin is the initial range in the INFEET family, consisting of 5 of the most in-demand models for serious light tackle anglers. Utilising Daiwa’s X45 and HVF technology, INFEET rods are incredibly lightweight, weighing in under 90g for all models. This lightweight design delivers incredible sensitivity, allowing anglers to detect the timidest of bites on light line. INFEET features brand new exclusive Daiwa reel seats, which have been sculpted to perfectly fit into anglers’ hands to provide a comfortable, reassuring fit even in wet and cold conditions. Fitted with Fuji Fazlite guides, the latest in affordable brilliance from Fuji, precise line flow and trouble-free casting performance is a given. Size #5 tip guides provide enough diameter to pass more bulky leader knots while not disturbing the responsiveness of the lightweight sensitive blanks.

Daiwa Infeet 20 Spin specifications

Daiwa 2020 Infeet Z model

INFEET Z is the middle tier in the INFEET family and perfectly combines historic Daiwa design with the most advanced materials to produce a truly outstanding finesse rod series. Six models encompass the INFEET Z range and the first thing you’ll notice is the traditional ‘Heartland’ style reel seat. This is indeed a brand-new Air Sensor design that utilises the latest in carbon infused resin materials to produce a reel seat which is hollow in construction yet incredibly durable, resulting in one of the lightest reel seats on the market. INFEET Z’s blank construction utilises the latest in Daiwa’s X45 technology, X45 Cobrashield is applied to the butt section of the rod, increasing torsional stiffness and improving blank recovery. A combination of Fuji stainless steel SiC guides on the butt section of the rod, and Fuji Titanium SiC guides on the tip, makes INFEET Z rods feel responsive, crisp and an absolute joy to use.

Daiwa Infeet 20 Z specifications

Daiwa 2020 Infeet EX model

INFEET EX is the flagship of the INFEET family. There was nothing left to chance with the development of the INFEET EX range. Utilising the newest of Daiwa technologies including X45 Cobrashield graphite for the full length of the blank, SVF Nanoplus graphite and the latest in Airsensor reel seat technology. The features don’t end there either, INFEET EX features a combination Fuji Titanium SiC and Daiwa AGS guide train, with Titanium framed stripper guides and AGS carbon-fibre tip guides to keep weight to a minimum and maximise sensitivity. Certain INFEET EX models also feature solid-tip constructions for unmatched combinations of light, fast action tips and the perfect fish controlling action down low. Finishing off the piece is Daiwa’s Airfoam grips for unmatched comfort and further reducing the weight.

Daiwa Infeet 20 EX specifications

Daiwa 20 Infeet features

One of the strengths of Daiwa rod design. Designing and producing exclusive reel seats allows Daiwa rods to be unique with functional benefits over the competition. More comfortable, better designs and unique looks is what Daiwa reel seat design is all about.

A new guide material designed to meet the performance demands of Fuji’s premier K-Series guides. Fazlite has excellent hardness, thermal conductivity and bend strength. Fazlite guides have a beautiful deep blue color, are braid-proof, rod-locker tough and smooth as silk.

HVF (High Volume Fibre) combines precise resin control with unidirectional graphite fibre to produce a blank with maximum graphite density. making it incredibly sensitive, light and responsive.

Developed to eliminate blank twist and increase power, X45 features a Bias Wrap Construction, left/right 45 degree carbon weave within the blank. X45 radically improves rod strength and durability by eliminating twist and preventing the blank from losing its round form. The elimination of this twist allows for a lighter, stronger and more powerful and sensitive rod.

Bias construction within the ferrule allows it to flex with the rod, eliminating the weak, unbending spot caused by ordinary ferrules. The result of this revolutionary technology is a multi-piece blank that matches the performance of one-piece blanks in flex, power and responsiveness.

Weighing a mere fraction of the weight of traditional guides (40% lighter than an equivalent sized titanium guide) AGS guides feature a solid carbon fibre frame construction that minimizes weight, improves casting distance and performance, and delivers faster rod speed, reduced rod vibration and angler fatigue, and greater rod sensitivity.

Daiwa’s carbon fibre reel seat that’s minimal in weight, yet high in strength and sensitivity. Our ultimate high end, high-performance reel seat.

Through the use of nano resin technology, SVF Nanoplus blanks are lighter and have increased sensitivity over standard SVF blanks due to their higher carbon density.

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Thanks for reading the Daiwa infeet 2020 review by FishingMad. You can learn more about the range of Daiwa INFEET 20 rods on Daiwa website. These will be an amazing offering which you can purchase from all good fishing tackle stores from November 2020. You can also see many fishing videos around Melbourne and Victoria. If you have any questions, corrections or additions then please direct them to enquiries@fishingmad.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as we can.