It’s been a big year for Savage Gear who cement themselves in the Australian market as a key fishing product manufacturer. Recently the team at Savage Gear released their new range of spinning reels custom built to suit tough Aussie conditions. A welcomed change from Savage Gear who already have an established range of fishing rods, lures, and accessories. Therefore it only made sense that they too would look to manufacturer their own range of spinning reels.

They have done so with a statement releasing a new range of product series. This includes 2 brand new reel series including the Stealth range and the Black range. They also hit the market with 4 brand new rod series. The MPP2 ( Multipurpose predator 2 ). The Salt2, The Finezze and the LRF ( Light Range Fishing ) rod series. So, it’s an exciting time for this fishing manufacturer looking to build a reputation in the Australian market. But how do the new Stealth range of reels stack up?

See the Savage Gear Stealth Reels in action from our videos

Feel free to jump over to our YouTube channel and check out the Stealth reel in action. We have countless videos using these. Here are a couple of good ones we have hand-picked 

Stealth Reels in an epic salmon bust-up

20 squid in 30 minutes with Stealth reels

Jetski fishing with my Stealth

Kayak fishing for flathead using stealth reels

Our tests with the Savage Gear Stealth Reels

I have been using the stealth line of reels exclusively now since there release. I have been really surprised by how good they perform. The reel is super smooth, it has a great sound especially when the line is peeled from the reel. It handles most species with ease, and I have used it for saltwater, freshwater and estuary fishing and have enjoyed the experience to date. My favourite style of fishing is light and I will often try chasing big fish on the smaller size reels and these reels have handled that extremely well. I use the stealth 2000 size chasing bream, flathead, Redfin, trout, squid, and whiting. Whilst using the 3000 for chasing salmon, trevally and the 4000 size model to chase snapper, gummy sharks. The 6000 size reel on big mulloway and sharks.

Immediately you can feel the build quality, the stealth is a solid unit made with quality components. Yet its light in weight so casting for hours is no problems especially with the smaller 2000 and 3000 models. Gladly the lightweight hasn’t compromised strength or general build quality. You Can cast long distances especially when you spool your reel with a good quality brad thin in diameter. I really like the way it works when you get a bite, the drag system handles really well and it sounds terrific when the line is peeled from the spool.

Stealth reels wear and tear

Like any reel, its susceptible to general wear and tear I have fished with the stealth reels in both saltwater and freshwater and have often got dirt and sand on the reel which hasn’t been a problem. A light rinse after use and its like new with no scratches or impact from the elements which highlight its quality. I recently fished using this reel on an inflatable pool challenge as a gimmicky video we released which can be seen here. It was really challenging to move. I accidentally got the reel fully submerged in salt water on several occasions. That night I took it home and gave it a thorough clean removing the sand and whipping it with a cloth and small amount of WD40. I have been using that reel for the last 6 months and it hasn’t missed a beat.

Stealth Reel Price

These reels hit the market with an asking price of $199. Please note there have been some recent promotional pricing as low as $129 so keep your eyes out for those opportunities. They are sold exclusively through BCF fishing retail outlets throughout Australia. You can buy online directly using this link. I think with the build quality you get from these reels that its a fair and reasonable asking price which will command the attention of the Aussie market. At that price point, it will be competing against well established giant brands and reel series such as Shimano Nasci, Daiwa Aird, Rapala Levis & Penn Slammer but I think it very much holds its own in this category.

The highlights of the Savage Gear Stealth Reels

Quality build
Comes in a range of sizes
Looks great
Casts well
They make a great sound when the line is being spooled from the reel
Affordable price point

A final word from the author

I know have 8 stealth reels in my collection and have really enjoyed using them. They look great and work really well over a number of different applications. If you’re interested in one then make sure you check out the videos above which show them in action.  If you have any further notes, suggestions or corrections then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on Likewise if you have any images of videos of this product that you would like to share with us or have added to the review.