Rui Squid jig review. The explosion of squid jigs on the market in recent years is mind-blowing. With so many variations of squid jigs available with different features, sizes, weights, styles, colours and costs. There are squid jigs with rattles, UV glow, reflective cloth, shiny foils and 3D imitations mimicking prawns. Almost overwhelming consumers with the sheer volume of choices. In recent years I have spent as little as $7 and as much as $40 on an individual squid jig with mixed results.



What are Rui squid jigs?

Recently I took a couple of mates out on my boat for a squid fishing session in Port Phillip Bay. Shortly into our fishing session, they start rambling on about Rui squid jigs. They explained to me about these affordable squid jigs that come in a great range of colours and sizes. That they buy from eBay for $11 which includes postage. I was interested but a little sceptical but they had a few on deck and they looked good so I decided to test them out. My mate rigged up a size 3.0 Rui squid jig in green and red foils a colour called the Hulk. I rigged up a size 3.5 in red and black foils a colour called coca-cola. It only took a few casts to land my first squid. It didn’t stop there to my surprise, me and my guests bagging out in less than an hour. That was a total of 30 squid on deck in a short amount of time.

Was this luck or pure coincidence so to properly test them out we went out again the following weekend. Rigged up with the same squid jigs but in different colours. Going with Golds and bright oranges. Again, we had similar results bagging out. After a few successful sessions, I was convinced that these squid jigs were a competitive product offering in the market with good performance and affordability.

Video in action

Here is a funny video of a recent squid session on my boat. Bagging out in 35 minutes using these jigs whilst the other 2 anglers on the boat catch almost nothing. It’s a very humorous video with lots of sledging but does highlight these squid jigs in action

Time to buy some of my own Rui squid jigs

After this success, I spoke with several local squid experts who informed me that these are manufactured overseas by Wuzei Xia and sold locally by Rui Tang. Next, I went online and bought a handful of my own Rui squid jigs. I visited their online store which is hosted on eBay. I was very surprised by their extensive range of colours and sizes available. The squid jigs were all priced between $10.99 and $11.99 which included free postage. I bought 5 squid jigs in Red, Gold, Green, Orange and Black. They arrived the very next day in the post and I was soon back out on the water catching more squid.

When you buy something for $10 you’re expecting to use a cheap Chinese knock off with budget components. Surprisingly these squid jigs offer excellent bang for buck getting reasonable quality spikes, a great colour range and the ones I have bought have been quite durable. I lost one jig which was taken by a toadfish and another to a huge squid when my light leader snapped. Let’s face it it’s not the end of the world when you lose a squid jig that only cost you $10.

The action on them is also quite good. I was surprised at how many squid I caught with the rod just sitting in the rod holder as we slowly drifted unanchored in our boat.

Rui squid jig sizes and sinking rates

  • 4.0 size 25g Sinking Rate 2.8-3.0s/m
  • 3.5 size 20g Sinking Rate 3.0-3.2s/m
  • 3 size 14.5g Sinking Rate 2.9-3.1s/m
  • 2.5 size 8g Sinking Rate 3.3-3.5s/m

Rui squid jig Colour choices

A large volume of colour choices. With multitone, shiny foils, stripes, and straight colour options. There are limited-edition themed colours. Coming in Silvers, Golds, Blacks, Greens, Reds, Yellows, Oranges Pinks, and even Rainbow. Then there are natural imitation styles such as pilchard and whiting. Finally, some jigs that reflect some of the Yamashita live series.


Great for land base fishing

It was great to see they also had for sale Rui tip weights, 10-gram lead that moulds around the front of your squid jig to allow for even further casting distance. That being said something when land base fishing a light size 2.5 is best for slow sinking rates and other times the sheer weight of a size 4-0 jig is more than enough to give you long casting distance.

What did we like about Rui Squid Jigs?

  • Excellent price and affordability
  • Extensive range of colours and some great colour options
  • Good quality components
  • Performed well multiple bag out sessions
  • Rui Squid jig review


Buyer Ratings of Rui Squid Jigs

Rui Tang is the entrepreneur of Rui jigs. Online the seller has a 99.99% satisfaction rate after selling nearly 5,000 units so that feedback must speak for itself.

You can see Rui online store on eBay

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