Welcome to the Gomexus Custom Reel handles and knobs. The team at FishingMad are genuine fishing gear enthusiasts. We love following and testing all the latest rods, reels, accessories, and terminal tackle. We enjoy seeing the advancements in technology and monitoring consumers’ appetites for emerging products. Recently we have found ourselves busy testing reel customisations. Taking a simple or plain looking reel and bring it back to life with a fancy custom handle or knob which elevates its look and feel.

For me, this story starts with the Shimano Saragosa range of reels. A highly respected workhorse of the industry because of its unparalleled price and performance. I’m a big fan of the Saragosa reels a great mix of price and performance whilst also having an awesome drag sound when battling a decent fish. Particularly the newer models which were a modest but very nice refresh. The only downside to these reels was the big, bulky and quite ugly plain paddle style handles that they came with. The colour didn’t match the reel’s aesthetics and it was quite bulky and unpleasant to use.

Gomexus Power Knob Install

So we visited our local tackle stores and jumped online trolling through various fishing retailers’ online stores and came across so nice solutions through a company called Gomexus. I jumped on the Gomexus website and after confirming compatibility purchased

  • 1 x 38 mm power knob in silver/black to be used on my Shimano Saragosa SWC 10000
  • 1 x 36 mm power knob in silver/gold to be used on my Shimano Saragosa SWC 8000

The installation of these custom reel knobs can be a bit tricky. Getting the exact right bearings and washers is critical to ensure the knobs feel strong and can withstand future pressure when battling a fish but also fit correctly so the knob spins seamlessly making it easy to use and rotate. The video below shows our first install. Each knob comes with a packet of small accessories including nut, washers, and bearings.

I really like the difference. These custom power knobs looked so much better and more stylish over the default paddle handles. It also felt better in the hand when catching fish. Therefore I went back online and purchased more.

Gomexus Galaxy Titanuim Knob Install

My next install was the Galaxy Titanuim which look amazing.

  • 1 x 38mm Galaxy knob  to be used on my Shimano Saragosa SWC 8000

The transformation of my 3 Saragosa reels above was outstanding. Those big, black bulky handles were gone and now they looked refined and very cool. On most occasions when I’m using these reels someone will stop me and ask about the knobs and handles which shows they do really stand out.

Gomexus reel part installation Tips

Now before buying these custom knobs and handles it’s very important to ensure the reel you have is compatible and not all reels will be compatible. The Gomexus website does a fairly good job in outlining with knob and handle will work for which Shimano, Daiwa and Penn reel.

There are 3 various methods of installation. Some are very simple and some are quite complex even going to the point of requiring drilling. So 100% do your homework first on the reel that you have and what is compatible but also easy to install. The good news here though is the range from Gomexus is very extensive. They have a whole range of reel knobs and handles for the large saltwater reels, smaller spin reels, bait casters and even double handles to turn your basic spin rod into an egi masterpiece.

I have since purchased and installed

  • 1 x 20mm double handle to be used on my Shimano Vanford 2500
  • 1 x T22 20mm titanium power knob to be used on my Daiwa Luvias 2000
  • 1 x T22 20mm titanium power knob to be used on my Shimano Twin Power FD 2500

Gomexus Handles

Gomexus has since started also making power handles which is a great idea. No installation is required, more of a plug and play idea which will appeal to many. No need to take apart any components. Just unscrew the existing handle and put the new shiny and fancies handle on. This is a tad more expensive way to go but many will appreciate the ease and speed to really bring a reel back to life.


Gomexus Reel Stands

They also have a range of reel stands to prevent your reel from touching the ground which is a great idea to avoid scratches and surfaces like sand which is great for the longevity of your reels. Can also act as a great balance for double handle reels.


You can purchase Gomexus custom reel knobs and accessories locally online from local retailer Anglers Warehouse. You can also browse the full and extensive range of Gomexus reel handles and knobs on the Gomexus Global Website.

Thank you for reading our Gomexus Custom Reel handles and knobs. Feel free to read more FishingMad products and reel reviews.  Then please let us know by emailing our team at enquiries@fishingmad.com.au with specific details in the email. Thank you