Trident Tackle Whiting Rigs Review. I love fishing products. In fact, you could say I’m a fishing gear and accessories junkie. I love following the advancements in coming fishing technology, reading about new gear, buying new gear and testing new gear.

I received a message from Isaac Wood a local 12-year-old boy who loves fishing. He loves it so much that at such a young age he had started making and selling his own premade fishing rigs. He is selling these online through eBay at his online store. Now, this may not sound like much to many people however I see this as a tremendous entrepreneurial character from a young bloke with terrific ambitions to produce locally made fishing products.

Receiving Trident Tackle Whiting Rigs in the mail

Isaac sent me some samples of his Whiting rigs. These are premade rigs with a barrel swivel, 16 pound fluorocarbon leader. Halfway down is a single size 4 long shank hook with red tube wrapping followed by a knot that makes attaching and changing sinkers a breeze.

When receiving these I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality. They looked and felt really good and were remarkable value at $12 for a pack of 6 when you consider that most competitor rigs are priced between $5 and $11 each. To give you some examples the black magic whiting whackers are 11 each, Wilson whiting rigs $6 each. So that’s $2 per rig which is amazing value.

Trident Tackle Whiting Rigs in action

I tested the rigs at Corio Bay fishing from my Hobie Pro Angler 14 kayak. Started by peddled out to 4 meters deep and anchored up. Then proceeded to drop a berley pot full of whiting pellets and crushed pilchards. I had 2 rods set up, both with a Trident whiting rig on each and I attached the smallest sinker that I had as the conditions were nice and calm. For bait, I was using pipis and small strips of squid.

Immediately I started catching fish. In the first hour, I caught 5 whiting between 30 and 45 cm, 2 flathead between 42 and 48 cm and countless pinkies under 30cm. The rigs stood up well. No signs of wear and tear on the line or hooks. After each catch simply rebaiting and throwing back out to catch another. I fished for 3 hours and the trend continued catching more whiting, more flathead and an avalanche of small pinkies. With the odd pinkie around 35cm being caught. Also the odd banjo and toadfish.

Footage of that session can be seen here. Unfortunately, I had some issues with my SD card that day so a lot of good footage was missed.

The whole session I used the same 2 rigs, which are still in good condition. Basically, my total investment for fishing that day was $4 for 2 rigs which are still in good working order. Plus, bait which was $8 for a bag of pipis and zero for the squid which I had caught the previous week and kept the tentacles for bait. I did have a broken hook on my next outing so just one thing to keep an eye on.

If you’re like me and you see the value in premade fishing rigs for pure convenience, then consider these rigs. Especially if your targeting bread and butter species such as whiting, pinkies and flathead. The great thing about premade rigs is you simply tie them to your mainline attach and sinker and you’re ready to fish. For me, that process takes less than a minute.

Thanks for reading the Trident Tackle Whiting Rigs Review. You can visit Isaacs online store here