GoFish Nagambie 2020 Fishing Festival and competition. It was such a huge success in 2019 that it’s back even bigger and better for 2020. In fact its the biggest fishing competition in Australia with amazing prizes on offer. A cool $500,000 worth of prizes. That’s right half a million reasons to motivate you. Last year winners walked away with large sums of money, campervans, boats and much more. But its more than that its a competition that encourages great fishing and camping with family and mates.

You can book tickets and pre-register on the official GoFish Nagambie website for more GoFish Nagambie 2020 information.

Nagambie is township within-country victoria only 90 minutes drive from Melbourne. A place that is well known for its lake, good living and great fishing. A small but scenic township with natural beauty. Including water activities, great food and wineries, art, historic sites, indigenous art, pristine fishing locations, tracks and trails, cycling, sky diving, the Strathbogie Ranges, and a whole lot more.

However, things got a whole lot more existing as Nagambie hosts our states biggest fishing competition.

GoFish Nagambie 2020 key details

Dates of the event – 2nd-5th April 2020

Location –  The Goulburn river which is 90 minutes from Melbourne. ( Nagambie )

Target speciesMurray Cod, Golden Perch, Redfin and Carp

Price entry fee – $160 per boat captain / boat passenger / land / kayak

Fishing methods allowed – By boat, kayak or land-based / You can fish with bait, lure and even fly.

The tournament zones – Includes all lakes, backwaters, small creeks and estuaries between the Goulburn Weir and roughly 2km south of the Hughes Creek junction. The only exclusion is the Tabilk lagoon due to its wetlands and wildlife reserve status. The ends of the Tournament Zone will be clearly marked out by signage during the competition. Participants will be provided with a map and detail of the fishing competition area boundaries. There is plenty of structure with timber, trees, willows trees, thick weed beds. The lake system with depths varying from half a metre down to 11m deep in some locations.

Available competitions – There will be 5-15 years and open age competitions – Junior – ages 5 to 15 years / Open – 16 years

Limits – Entries are capped at 1,000 boats so get in quick

How to enter your catches – To entre catches into the tournament you will need to use the iCatch app. You can then release fish safely once done. Photos of the fish to be taken on the tournament measuring matt that is supplied. ( head facing left ). The pure catch, measure and release tournament ( except carp of course )

Competition times – Competitions is only during the following hours – Friday – 7.30 am to 5.00 pm, Saturday – 7.30 am to 4.00 pm, Sunday – 6.30 am to 10.00 am

Participant numbers – Capped at 5,000 across all categories. The number of fishing boats is capped at 1,000.

GoFish Nagambie 2020 Prizes

Murray Cod competition

$80,000 for the largest overall Murray Cod

$12,000 for the 2nd largest Murray cod

$8,000 for the 3rd largest Murray cod 

$6,000 for the 4th largest Murray cod

$4,500 for the 5th largest Murray cod

$3,000 for the 6th largest Murray cod

$2,000 for the 7th largest Murray cod

$1,500 for the 8th largest Murray cod

$1,000 for the 9th largest Murray cod

$500 for the 10th largest Murray cod


Golden Perch ( yellowbelly ) competition

$10,000 for the largest overall golden perch

$6,000 for the 2nd largest golden perch

$4,000 for the 3rd largest golden perch

$2,500 for the 4th largest golden perch

$2,000 for the 5th largest golden perch

$1,500 for the 6th largest golden perch

$1,000 for the 7th largest golden perch

$750 for the 8th largest golden perch

$500 for the 9th largest golden perch

$250 for the 10th largest golden perch


Carp competition

$1,000 for the largest overall carp

$800 for the 2nd largest carp

$600 for the 3rd largest carp

$600 for the 4th largest carp

$200 for the 5th largest carp


More will be shared soon, hwoever here is some of the stuff won in 2019.

$20,000 for the longest combined length of Murray Cod

$20,000 for the largest overall golden perch

Campervan for the first to catch in nominated hours

boat and engine package for the first to catch a carp in the nominated hour

boat and engine packages raffled

Major prize packs daily for redfin, carp, golden perch and Murray Cod.

GoFish Nagambie 2020 Fishing Competition

2020 prize pool has become even larger so many amazing prizes and giveaways will be on offer.


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