Golden Perch ( yellowbelly ) local fish species facts and Limits. Golden Perch or yellow belly are a native fish that get their name from their distinctive golden colour. They are generally quite thick and have a strange hump shape on their heads that give them a unique look.  There also a good fighting fish. There often targeted at Lake Hume, Lake Eildon, Goulbourn River, Loddon Rive, Campase River and Lake Eppalock

Scientific name:

Macquaria ambigua

Size & limits:

Commonly caught between 30cm to 55cm but can grow larger. I have seen a few over 5 kilos. Minimum legal size is 30cm with a daily bag limit of 5 over legal size.

Bait Recommendations:

Scrub worms, Shrimp, yabbies, earthworms and prawn

Lure Recommendations:

Spinerbaits, Spinners and hard bodies. Medium sized Stump Jumpers in white/black or purple/black, and bibless cranks (TN60) in gold or natural/carp colors. Lake Police Jackall TN50 or 60 in any color.

Eating Rating:

Rated as a top quality eating fish, with a lovely sweet flesh


Cast towards structure and deep holes thats were your likely to find these guys hiding. Many lakes have submerged trees which is a great spot to flick lures at.

Rod/Rig setup:

Fish light it’s just so much more fun. When targeting Perch on soft plastics I use a light 7 foot spin rod with a 2500 series reel and light line. When bait fishing I use a 7 foot light rod, 3000 size reel and would go for a paternoster rig with a small sinker at the bottom. The paternoster rig will generally be baited up with scrub worms.

Best times:

Caught during all times of the day. Surprisingly the biggest ones I have caught have been during the middle of the day.