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**Please note our GPS Marks have moved and are now found within the FishingMad member’s area. Within the member’s area, we share detailed fishing reports and hundreds of productive GPS marks for Port Phillip Bay, Western Port, Offshore and Gippsland. As well as marks in close specifically for kayak anglers.


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Learning to use your sounder effectively and using known GPS marks can be the difference between catching fish and going home empty-handed. Watch this video on catching some snapper around PPB using the sounder as a guide.

Port Phillip Bay GPS Coordinates

Location GPS Coordinate Target species
Altona P2 Beacon Snapper
Altona The Cardinal Stick Snapper
Altona Reef Snapper
Ansetts cunje grounds
Ansetts reef, Mornington Snapper
Avalon Airport Grounds
Beaumaris Salmon
Carrum artificial Reef Snapper
Chelsea Artificial Reef Snapper. Flathead
Clifton Springs Whiting Whiting, Squid
Corio Bay Snapper
Corio Bay Oyster beds
Fawkner Beacon Snapper
Frankston Snapper
Frankston 17m mark Snapper
Frankston Wreck
Indented Head Whiting
Indented Head 20M deep Snapper
Indented Head shallow Snapper
Kirks Point
Lagoon Grammar Winter Snapper
Mt Martha Snapper
Patterson river entrance
Point Cook Hole Snapper
Point Wilson
Point Wilson Whiting Whiting
Port Arlington Channel Gummy Shark
Portsea Whiting
Portsea Gummy Shark
Portsea hole Late season Snapper
Ricketts Point
Ricketts Point Reef Snapper
Ricketts Point 9 meters Snapper
Rye Gummy Sharks
Seaford Snapper
Sorrento Flathead
Spoil Grounds Snapper
St Leonards deep grounds
Symmonds Channel Gummy Shark
Symmonds Channel Flathead, Snapper
T10 Markers Snapper
T16 Markers Snapper
T20 Markers Snapper
The warmies
Wedge Spit whiting, gummy shark
Werribee Snapper, Gummy Shark
Werribee River entrance
Werribee, whiting Whiting
Werribee shallow reef Pinky Snapper
Williamstown reef
Williamstown footy ground Snapper, Whiting, Garfish
Williamstown Stick Snapper, reef fish
Yakka reef Snapper, Whiting, leather jacket


Western Port GPS Coordinates

Corinella Boat Ramp
Cowes Gummy Sharks Gummy Sharks
Crib Point Gummy Sharks
Eagle Rock
Eastern Channel Whiting Whiting
Elizabeth Island Snapper, Mulloway, Gummy Shark
Flinders Pier
Hastings Pier
Hanns Inlet Whiting Whiting
Grantville Sharks Gummy Sharks
Joes Island Whiting Whiting, Gummy Sharks
Joes Island Snapper
Lang Land Land based sharks land based sharks
Manuka Point Whiting Whiting
Middle Spit Whiting Whiting
Pelican Island
Rhyll Reef Elephant, Gummy Shark, Snapper
San Remo Whiting Whiting
Snapper Rock
Tankerton Shallows Whiting
Tenby Point Land based Sharks Gummy sharks, Elephants
Tortoise Head Bank Snapper, Gummy sharks, Elephants
The Corals Snapper



Fishing GPS Coordinates Melbourne

Thanks for viewing our GPS coordinates fishing marks for Port Phillip Bay and Westernport. They are a great guide for fishing and boating around Melbourne. Please feel free to email us at  You can read more about fishing for snapper this season by reading our Snapper guide This article contains lots of tips and techniques to help you catch a big red or town around Port Phillip Bay and Western Port this snapper season.

Always take the utmost care when fishing and boating. Prior to trips ensure you have carefully checked the weather conditions. You can assess wind and swell conditions using tools such as Meteye. Always make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment on all boating trips. Including life jackets, floating torches, flares etc. If you’re unsure of any safety requirements then we encourage you to speak directly with fisheries Australia who can provide you with further details.