Welcome to the Anglesea Fishing Guide. Anglesea is a beautiful township located before the entrance of the great ocean road. With scenic views, a vibrant township, great surf, clean beaches and many outdoor activities its a very popular location during the holidays in Victoria. For fishing, Anglesea offers a wide range of species that can be caught at the beach or in the river. There is plenty of accommodation available to make this a magnificent location to take the family who can enjoy many of the activities along the beaches and estuaries.

Things to do at Anglesea

This is a great spot for the whole family and the kids will love it. You can hire light boats at the Anglesea river entrance of the main street and fish in the boats with your kids. You can also hire SUP stand up paddleboards and paddle along the Anglesea river which is a very cool experience. There are many clean beach options to enjoy a day of fun with the family. Some of the beaches have amazing rock formations. The main beach is great for surfing and bodyboarding and offers good size waves all year round with an onsite surf life-saving services. There is ample parking on the main street along the beach and river. You can play a game of golf at the Anglesea golf club. A nicely laid out golf course which is home to a large population of Kangaroos.

The township is vibrant with shops and Cafes. There is a lot of family-friendly accommodation and playgrounds along the main street. The nearby Great Ottoway National parks offer terrific walking trail options in scenic surroundings.

Fishing at Anglesea River

At Anglesea, there are plenty of fishing options available. Fishing the river of fishing the beach and surf. From the river entrance, you can catch many whiting, Pinkies, flathead, and flounder. As you move further down the river you can target bream and mullet walking along the river trail or fishing on many of the scattered jetties. Low water levels in recent years has made fishing along the river very challenging. Some areas have been unfishable and water temperatures have increased seeing low fish numbers. However, after good volumes of rain do target the entrance and the structures to find the fish.

If your fishing the river then we would highly recommend fishing as light as possible. We suggest a rod around 7 foot in length,  1-3 or 2-4 kilo class. Coupled with a 2500 or 1000 reel especially if your flicking soft plastics. Why not read our guide on how to catch bream with soft plastics and lures. Good baits to use in the Anglesea river include mussels, bread, pilchards, chicken, worms & maggots. If you want to fish with lures then the grubz and minnow imitation soft plastics are hard to beat. Examples include the Savage Gear Pro Grub, squidgy Blood worm wriggler, Zman grub, Savage slim minnow, Best with a light jig head would be a great place to start.

Looking for some tips on how to catch whiting. Then watch our detailed Whiting Anglesea Fishing Guide guide below.

Fishing at Anglesea Beach

Whilst at the beach and surf you can target salmon, whiting, snapper, leather Jackets, trevally, gummy shark, garfish, flathead. Basically there are many fishing options available and many different species to target. If your fishing from the beach then prawns, pippies and pilchards are a great staple bait. They will allow you to target trevally, salmon, gummy Shark and more.

If your fishing from the Beach you will want a nice long rod to give you ample casting distance. Perhaps a 10 foot rod with a 6 – 10-kilo capacity will allow you to take on some bigger species. When bait fishing we often use a running sinker rig to a swivel and 50cm of a strong leader. Finished with a Pilchard tail or small squid head. If you chasing pinkies then a paternoster rig with raw chicken breast will fish very well. If your beach fishing then sunrise and sundown are hard to beat. I would even fish through the night to target Gummy Sharks.

When bait fishing fin the surf we believe the best setup is a Paternoster rig with a star sinker. As shown in the image below. This gives you 2 separate baits at different heights. You could also attach a surf popper if you wanted to further increase your chances.





Another great variation is to present 1 full bait with double snelled hooks. This rig is perfect when your target multiple species such as salmon, mulloway and gummy sharks






There are scattered marine parks from Anglesea Torquay and point Addis so do make sure you become aware of where these areas as fishing are not permitted in marine parks. The fisheries VFA app is a good way to identify marine parks when on the water.


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