Lake Burrumbeet is a large and shallow freshwater lake roughly 20 kilometres west of township Ballarat. It has established a big reputation as a renowned Carp fishing hot spot. Water levels have slowly been declining and last year the water levels were so low that carp were collected by hand in the hundreds. It’s a great spot which attracts families for camping, boating, kayaking, fishing, picnics and walking. Families often staying by the nearby caravan park or racetrack. The lake was recently closed due to a blue-green algae breakout so please read up on local reports before heading out there.

What fish can I catch in Lake Burrumbeet

In Burrumbeet you can catch carp, trout, Redfin, roach and eels

What’s the best bait for fishing Lake Burrumbeet

Carp is going to be your primary species of choice here, therefore, we would highly recommend using worms, corn, bread and maggots. Click here to see our full guide of mastering carp fishing in Victoria.

Rod, Reel and line setup for Lake Burrumbeet

If your chasing carp then a 3-6 kilo rod coupled with a 4000 size reel is very appropriate. we would recommend having this spooled with 10 pound braid and 8 pound leader. When targeting trout and redfin fish as light as possible which will make the experience more fun and improve your chances. Redfin will actively take many baits or lures. To maximize your chances fish with a 1-3 or 2-4 kilo rod. The main line spooled with 4 pound braid finished with a good quality leader.

Most productive times to fish lake Burrumbeet

Any time of the day is fine to fish Purrumbeet, however, dawn and dusk can be more active

Is Lake Burrumbeet a family friendly location

This is a nice location to take the family. There is a 6 kilometer walking track around the lake and open areas which make nice picnic grounds and camping. There is lots of active birdlife such as pelicans and eagles which can be spotted along your walk. Depending on the water depth you can also choose to take a boat or kayak on the lake.


Blue Green algae have been an issue at times, so read local reports before planning a trip out on the water. As with all country, rural areas always be mindful of snakes.

Rules and regulations fishing Lake Burrumbeet

Remember to always carry your Victorian fishing license, European Carp must not be returned, FishingMad encourages ‘catch & release’ of all native species to help maintain the water quality within the lake.

Additions and corrections of this location

If you feel this location guide is missing key information or needs any corrections made, then please let us know by emailing our team at with specific details in the email. Please also feel free to share any fishing pictures you have from this location with us. Thank you