Fishing locations Lynch Bridge Located along the iconic Flemington Racecourse. Lynch bridge offers ample parking, dense structure & plenty of fish species to target. Your most likely to be catching Bream & Mullet. However in the warmer months both pinkies and estuary perch liven up and make there way into the channel. The bridge pylons provides terrific structure, shade and hiding grounds for bream, but be aware this area is very snaggy. In the warmer months this can be a very popular fishing spot, with masses of people up and down the banks fishing. If your really lucky and very persistent you may snag yourself a prized and allusive Mulloway. It does however create a strong water flow system.


Bream, Mullet, Pinkies, Mulloway, Estuary Perch


Scrub worms and Maggots are very effective baits for Bream and Mullet in this area. Anglers also use Pilchard strips, Bass Yabbies & Chicken strips. Soft plastics and Blades are also good in this area but very prone to snags. I had some success using Zman grubs and blood worm squidges. if your chasing estuary perch then don’t be afraid to try surface lures or shallow diving cranks like the Savage Gear fathead cranks.


Your mainly going to be rigging up for bream, mullet and estuary perch. If fishing with lures I recommend a light rod, partnered with a 1000 or 2500 spinning reel. If fishing with bait I recommend a 7 foot rod. I prefer a 1 – 4 kilo capacity, with a 3000 reel. I usually go with a 40cm leader around 6 pound to a swivel, then above having a very small running ball sinker on your main line. This allows the bait to move freely and fussy Bream to not be frightened off.


You can fish this system anytime. Sometimes the best time to fish is during overcast conditions where the Bream seem a little more confident.


This is an OK spot for kids. But you need to be mindful of cars passing in the background distance and strong tidal flow.


The water quality here probably isn’t the greatest. There are pipes running from the racetrack to the estuary directly which is waste wash from washed down horses at the race track. There is also a very strong tidal flow particularly after periods of rain. this is also a very snaggy area so be prepared with extra rigs and lines.


Ample parking available just drive over the bridge and turn left towards the racetrack. Park and fish.


Only 2 fishing lines permitted, Always carry your Victorian fishing license, and always follow catch limits. Where possible we encourage catch and release.