Fishing locations Sanctuary Lakes is located 20 minutes west of the Melbourne CBD near surrounding township Point Cook. Its a interesting fishing location built within a lovely residential area with roughly 500 houses. It’s built around the highly acclaimed Greg Norman designed golf course, club house and driving range. Its a shallow and weedy system and maybe one of the worst kept secrets on its day it can be a great fishing spot for bream and mullet. Keep a lookout for signs with several parts of the lake zoned of restricted to no fishing ( generally all the channels ). Its a good location for flicking suspending hard body lures and soft plastics.


bream, mullet


If you plan to fish with bait then Shrimp, yabbies, scrub worms, prawns, sand worms, Maggots, Scrub worms, Pilchards, Mussels, Yabbies, & Chicken. Click here to see our full guide for bait fishing for Bream. The choice of bream lures is almost endless. Some of the best options include imitation Crabs ( such as Cranka Crab ), grub style soft plastics ( such as Z-man grubZ, squidgee wrigglers and Savage Gear pro grubs ), minnow style soft plastics ( such as Z-man slim swimZ, Savage Gear slim minnows), shallow diving hard body lures ( such as EcoGear SX Range, Daiwa Double clutch, Nories laydown minnow, Jackall Chubby, Atomic Hardz, OSP Bent Minnows, Savage fathead cranks, range of shads ), Blades and Vibes ( such as Strike Pro Hummer, Ecogear ZX, Berkley Big Eye blades & 3B crank, Hurricane Vibe, Savage gear blades


A light rod setup is best. I prefer a bream rod 1–3 or 2-4 kilo capacity rod with a 2000 size reel. Rods such as the Savage Gear black Savage spin 1-3 with a Savage Gear stealth 2000 reel or Daiwa Gen black Itchy Twitchy 1.5 to 3 kilo is a great choice. Something sensitive to see the bites and inquiries.


Anytime of day, the mullet often get a little more aggressive on the last hour of sundown


There are walking tracks around the lake, but this is mainly a residential area.


There has been noted cases of Tiger snakes sightings and bitings around Sanctuary lakes golf course so always be weary for snakes.