Fishing locations Yarra River is an urban icon of Melbourne. Its a well known and recognized location starting in town opposite Flinders street station and crown casino. It hosts the annual Moomba events, bird man rally and dragon boat events. It’s a popular spot for boat cruises appreciating Melbourne’s night life, sporting arenas and light up buildings. It travels for almost 250 kilometres starting near the CBD and pacing all the way through the Yarra Valley ranges. However it does also offer exceptional fishing opportunities for local urban anglers.


Closer to town you can target bream, estuary perch, mullet, mulloway. As you go further upstream you can target redfin, carp and Murray cod.


I have found the humble scrub worm to be a very effective bait for Bream in this area. Perhaps because the water can be muddy and murky a bait that has similar colors fishes well. I have also seen other anglers do very well using Pilchard strips, Bass Yabbies & Chicken strips. Soft plastics and Blades are great in this area, where you can accurately cast your lure of choice very close to structure and strike zone. Be prepared to get snagged up occasionally but the river has great structure that you can target which is usually home to many Bream.


When targeting smaller species such as bream or redfin i would highly recommend fishing as light as possible which will provide you more fun and control. To maximize your chances fish with a 2-4 or 1-3 kilo rod and a 2000 to 2500 size reel spooled with 4-6 pound braid finished with a quality fluorocarbon leader.

If your sight are set on catching a big cod then you’ll need to up your outfit. A 6 foot to 7 foot rod in a 4-8 kilo or 6-12 kilo class rod and a quality bait caster reel spooled with 20 to 50 pound braid finished with a solid Fluro carbon leader of equal strength. There are a whole range of bait caster options suiting different budgets. An affordable starting point would be a either a Savage Gear black savage bait caster rod and reel combo or a shimano raider cod 642 with a Casitas bait caster reel.


All times of the day can fish well. I have caught bream and redfin during most hours of the day.


Its a big stretch of river but close to town is a great family spot with so much to do and not far to travel to throw in a line.


The outer parts of the Yarra river have plenty of snakes so be careful and closer the the CBD the areas are highly populated so be weary of traffic and boats in the immediate area that your fishing.


Only 2 fishing lines permitted, Always carry your Victorian fishing license, and always follow catch limits. Where possible we encourage catch and release.