Mark recently launched from Altona boat ramp due to a persistent strong northerly breeze. Which hadn’t let up for nearly a week we were forced to stay in close. Rather than heading to usual stomping grounds such as P2, Fawkner beacon, or the spoil grounds. We stayed in only fishing in 4.5 meters deep. Sitting around the cardinal stick which is only a stone throw away from the Williamstown football ground.

He anchored upon sunrise and threw out some berley a combination of cut up pilchards and snapper pellets. Then we cast out our rods and sat back down with anticipation. We had our rods in the water for literally 2 minutes when marks reel which had a full pilchard on a double snelled rig started screaming and peeling line. Even with the drag set very loose the rod tip was bouncing up and down in the water.

We immediately knew this was a good fish. Mark picked up the rod and held on as the snapper went for a large run. In fact, this went on time and time again. Every time Mark looked like he was in control the snapper would find another gear and go for another big run. After 5 runs the big red was done and we finally had the snapper beside the boat and netted by yours truly.

This was an amazing way for us to open the snapper season. There isn’t much better than a 6 kilo snapper only minutes out from the boat ramp in such shallow water.

You can read more about fishing for snapper this season by reading our Snapper guide for 2019 This article contains lots of tips and techniques to help you catch a big red or town around Port Phillip Bay and Western Port this snapper season.