Limeburners Lagoon Fishing Report. In December 2019 I ventured out to the Geelong Grammar country and fished the quite popular Limeburners Lagoon. This is a great place to launch a kayak and close reach to species such as whiting, pinkies, trevally, flathead and snook. The day started quite challenging with strong southerly winds which made fishing on my Hobie pro-Angler 14 very difficult. After sitting out the tough conditions on the banks I later returned and had more success in the calmer conditions. Catching several flatheads, many undersized pinkies, and a couple of nice size snook also known as pike. All were taken on 6cm curl tail soft plastics in black and motor oil and yabbie imitations. Which were slow rolled or hopped along the bottom.

You can see the video of this fishing session here