For this fishing report, we headed towards Anakie and fished Upper Stony creek. A cold and windy morning and I started casting metal lures for extra casting distance. I was using Pontoon21 paco spoons and Nories Wasaby spoons. Only a few casts into the day I went head to head with an epic battle between local angler Alan Bonnici and a huge rainbow trout. After taking a Pontoon 21 Paco spoon, the rainbow trout was the eventual winner spitting the hook only meters from the bank. This was after an aerial display with many jumps. It’s a shattering feeling to lose a good fish, but don’t worry we will be back out again to redeem ourselves.

We carried on and managed to catch a couple of small rainbow trout and several redfin up to 30cm.

You can see the video of the epic battle between the rainbow trout and Alan here

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