Coronavirus fishing updates Victoria. Just as things looked like they were getting back to normal recent coronavirus transmission spikes has the state government acting swiftly. Actioning new rules and restrictions in an attempt to combat this fast-spreading virus. Things are changing quickly and it can be confusing for local anglers so here us a breakdown of recent events and how you are impacted.

Update 17.02.2021

Thank goodness as of midnight tonight the majority of restrictions will be lifted. Recreational activities and sports are once again allowed to resume as long as they adhere to social distancing and mass gathering rules.

This is a massive relief for businesses around the state and for local anglers who will be keen to get back out for a fish.

CoronaVirus update Victoria


Update 11.02.2021

Just as we were getting our lives back to some version of normal the Andrews Government has announced a 5-day circuit breaker lockdown. Starting from 12th February at 11:59 pm and proposed to finish on 17th February at 11:59 pm.

The government announced this is being done to prevent the 3rd wave in Victoria which would contain the highly infectious UK variant. The outbreak linked to the Holiday Inn quarantine hotel at Melbourne Airport.

We will follow these movements closely in the coming days.

The updated rules during the 5-day circuit break include the following

  • You must stay within 5 kilometers from home unless for essential work or care
  • No recreational activities including fishing
  • You should remain home unless for one of the four reasons including shopping for necessary goods and services; care and caregiving; exercise; and permitted work.
  • Facemasks must be worn at all times when leaving home
  • Schools will be closed, public gatherings are banned, people must work from home when they can, and weddings will be cancelled or postponed. Places of worship and religious gatherings and ceremonies will not be permitted, and funerals will be capped at 10 people.

Despite all of this somehow the tennis is allowed to go on, which is a slap in the face to thousands of small business which cannot operate during this time.


Update 08.11.2020

As of midnight tonight

  • The 25-kilometre travel restriction will be removed. You are now free to travel within Melbourne and Victoria without limits
  • Facemasks are still required to be worn
  • Adjustment to outdoor gathering numbers have been increased to 10 people
  • Go out and enjoy some fishing everyone you have deserved it


Update 18.10.2020

As of midnight tonight

  • The 2-hour time limit will be removed
  • The 5 kilometre travel restriction will be increased to 25 kilometres

These are very welcome changes for Melbourne Anglers who have done it very tough over the past 100 days.

Corona Virus numbers Melbourne 18 Oct


Update 02.10.2020

Boat ramps are officially reopened for powered and non-powered vessels. You must continue to follow the rules of fishing only for 2 hours and only within 5 kilometres from your house. Many of us however have restored to landbased destinations close to home as per the video below.

Update 27.09.2020

Fishing is permitted from the 28/09 under the rule of extended exercise. However only for 2 hours and only within 5 kilmoeters from your house. Boat ramps are temporarily closed considered as a facility of gathering. Its not much but at least its something. Stay tuned we will have more updates soon.

Covid-19 case numbers Melbourne

Watch a documentary about the real impact of a lenthly lock down and forced isolation to Melbounre anglers.

Update 13.09.2020

From 11:59pm 13 September 2020, many restrictions will be eased across Regional Victoria.

Update 18.08.2020

The decline in numbers has been very slow, however, it would look as if we are finally on the improve as numbers and averages are slowly declining.

Covid stats

Update 03.08.2020

Clarification about which businesses can and cannot trade over the coming 6 weeks has been detailed here in the Stage 4 Industries Guideline

You can also check out our day 1 in the lockdown video log

Update 02.08.2020

With an additional 671 coronavirus cases overnight Victoria will enter a state of disaster. From 6 pm tonight the following stage 4 restrictions will be in place.

  • You must stay within 5 kilometres of home
  • Curfew now in place between 8 pm and 5 am ( only allowed to leave home outside of these times for work or medical care ) $1,652 fine can and will be issued
  • Daily exercise is allowed for a maximum of 1 hour in groups of no more than 2 people
  • Recreational activities have been banned, including fishing & boating
  • Only 1 person is allowed out for shopping from your household per day
  • Facemasks will continue to be mandatory when leaving your house
  • All school levels will be remote learning
  • Regional Victoria will move into stage 3 restrictions from 05/08

These new regulations will start from 02.08.2020 and run for 6 weeks.

COVID-19 Numbers

Update 30.07.2020

Victoria has announced new restrictions which will take place from Sunday 2 August at 11:59 pm following a large rise in coronavirus cases overnight with 723 new cases and 13 deaths.

Premier Daniel Andrews said mandatory face coverings would now apply in regional Victoria, as well as metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. Face covering will be mandatory whenever you leave home wherever you live.

Also from 11:59 pm 30/07 Colac-Otway, Greater Geelong, Surf Coast, Moorabool, Golden Plains, and Queenscliff residents will no longer be able to visit people or have visitors at home.

Update 20.07.2020

You are still allowed to go fishing and boating but you will need to follow the following strict rules.

  • A facemask must be worn out in public at all times as of 23/07
  • If you live in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, you cannot attend or participate in community sport elsewhere.
  • You can only exercise or undertake sporting activities outside with one other person or household members. You must be able to keep 1.5 metres distance between yourself and others.
  • Don’t share equipment
  • You should exercise and use recreational facilities at the closest available location to your home.

See the video of our team fishing following the latest COVID-19 rules by staying close to home, wearing a mask, sanitising and following social distancing.

Update 07.07.2020

  • A spike in coronavirus outbreak sees state government put Melbourne back into restrictions.
  • However this time fishing and boating are allowed activities considered part of the essential exercise as long as you don’t travel outside of your allowed zone, you practice social distancing 1.5 meters apart and only go out with one other person. Its a rapidly changing landscape so stay tuned for more updates.

This is one of the more confusing areas which has created a lot of debate. The state government has basically divided travel into 3 sections. Postcode lockdown areas must not travel unless having a legitimate reason. Metropolitan areas not in postcode restrictions can travel but only within metropolitan zones and rural areas can travel but only within rural zones. The state government has provided the following graph to breakdown these areas as a visual aid.

Travel Restrictions MAP

Update 30.06.2020

On the 30th of June, the state government placed heavy restrictions on the following areas considered high-risk outbreak areas. These including the following suburbs.

  • 3012: Brooklyn, Kingsville, Maidstone, Tottenham, West Footscray
  • 3021: Albanvale, Kealba, Kings Park, St Albans
  • 3032: Ascot Vale, Highpoint City, Maribyrnong, Travancore
  • 3038: Keilor Downs, Keilor Lodge, Taylors Lakes, Watergardens
  • 3042: Airport West, Keilor Park, Niddrie
  • 3046: Glenroy, Hadfield, Oak Park
  • 3047: Broadmeadows, Dallas, Jacana
  • 3055: Brunswick South, Brunswick West, Moonee Vale, Moreland West
  • 3060: Fawkner
  • 3064: Craigieburn, Donnybrook, Mickleham, Roxburgh Park and Kalkallo

A few days later they also added Postcodes which are heavily populated with public housing towers and flats including

  • 3031 – Flemington, Kensington
  • 3051 – North Melbourne

For these suburbs within the nominated postcode restrictions, the message is very clear. They should remain at home unless for absolutely necessary tasks that cannot be done without travel. The government is taking these rules very seriously. Police are patrolling areas and instructed to send people home and fine those caught travelling without legitimate reasons. Therefor for local anglers in these postcode zones boating or fishing is off-limits until further notice from the state government. It’s expected this will be for 6 weeks but this is a rapidly changing landscape.

Victoria Coronavirus numbers

Thankfully for the rest of us, fishing and boating are allowed in non-restricted postcode areas with the following conditions. This time around boating and fishing are considered part of the key essential exercise. So, if you are not in any of the restricted postcode areas mentioned above then you are free to go fishing and boating as long as you.

  • Stay within your metropolitan or rural zone
  • Practice safe social distancing.

Fishing and boating allowed in Victoria

Under the new Stage 3 lockdown, residents are being told to home unless it complies with one of four following reasons:

  • Shopping for food or other essential items
  • To provide caregiving, for compassionate reasons or to seek medical treatment
  • For exercise (fishing and boating allowed in your zone, with only one other person or members of your household ( not for restricted postcodes ))
  • Work or study, if you are unable to from home. cannot work or study from home

As we can all recall last time around for almost 2 months fishing and boating were not allowed. This time around the state government has loosened the reins and fishing and boating are permitted considered are essential exercise. This is good news and we need to see all locals complying with social distancing and travelling rules to ensure the state government don’t change their mind and tighten the rules again.

Daniel Andrews quoted “You can go fishing and boating but you can’t go fishing outside the metropolitan area down into regional Victoria,” “Regional Victoria has very, very few cases and vast parts of regional Victoria have no cases. This is designed to keep it that way.” Anyone heading outside metropolitan Melbourne or the Mitchell Shire to go fishing or boating faces a $1652 fine.

Update 11.05.2020

  • Update 11/05/2020 Daniel Andrews has announced that starting on the 13/05 Victorians will be allowed to go fishing once again.
  • Social distancing rules need to be applied so staying 1.5 meters away from others in congested areas.
  • Also no more gatherings above 10 people.
  • Travelling is allowed but no overnight stays or camping.
  • So with some common sense, we should all be able to get back to some fishing. In the coming weeks, the government aims to loosen rules even further providing we don’t see any outbreaks or spikes in infection numbers.

Update March 2020

If you want confusion than look no further at this stage each state has the following rules on fishing.

COVID-19 Fishing Rules by state

Victoria – Recreational Fishing and boating is suspended

WA – Recreational fishing is allowed but recreational boating is suspended

SA – Recreational fishing is allowed but recreational boating is suspended

NSW – Fishing and boating is allowed as long as proper social distancing is followed

QLD – Fishing and boating is allowed as long as proper social distancing is followed

NT – Fishing and boating is allowed as long as proper social distancing is followed

TAS – Fishing and boating is allowed as long as proper social distancing is followed

Coronavirus fishing restrictions Victoria

More information about restrictions, including the full list of restricted postcodes, is available on the DHHS website

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