Welcome to the Bemm River Fishing Guide. The Bemm River is located 450 kilometres east of Melbourne along the Princess Highway towards lakes entrance and Marlo. The Bemm River is highly regarded as one of the best bream fishing destinations in Victoria. Its a beautiful and scenic location perfect as a fishing weekend destination away. It’s a small township however at the Bemm River, you have a good chance to land a trophy-sized bream either along the Sydenham inlet or in the main river itself. This is the sole reason why they host ABT and Hobie fishing tournaments are hosted here regularly.

Things to do at Bemm River

There are several accommodation options for the family or keen anglers on a fishing weekend away in East Gippsland including the Bemm River Caravan Park. There are also a number of great fishing platforms and jetties and nice spots along the beach towards the river mouth channel. Kayaking fishing and boating are prime activities at the Bemm River. The Bemm River is a scenic destination for bushwalks and bird spotting. Also, keep an eye out for wildlife such as snakes which are quite common in the area. There are also surrounding townships quote famous for fishing including Mallacoota and Marlo.

Fishing the Bemm River

At the Bemm river, you can target bream, estuary perch, flathead, trevally, tailor, mullet and luderick. The most popular form of catching bream in the Bemm river is with lures and soft plastics. The choice of lures when targeting bream is almost endless. Do make sure you read our guide on the best lures to catch bream. Some recommended options would include Cranka Crabs, shallow diving crank lures, small paddle tail soft plastics, small curl tail soft plastics, minnow imitations, vibes and blades. Its also a great spot for surface lures which can be one of the most fun forms of fishing with light gear. Again the options here are almost endless.

When flicking lures and plastics you will need an ultralight spinning outfit. This would start with a light rod around 7 foot in length either a 1-3 or 2-4 kilo class. There are so many great options to choose from in this range which can be quite confusing for beginners. When choosing a reel make sure you pick a 1000, 2040 or 2500 size is best, spooled with 4-6 pound braid and finished with a 2 or 4-pound leader. Again the range of reels on the market is amazing and the budgets vary greatly depending on your skill level and spending habits.

If you plan on fishing with baits than we would highly recommend using Sandworms, maggots, scrub worms, pilchards, mussels, yabbies, & chicken. For bait fishing again a light rod setup is best. A 2-4 kilo class rod with a 2500 size reel would be a great option spooled with 6-pound line. Beginners can go a little heavier with a 3-5 kilo rod. We would encourage you to watch our video below on how to catch bream with bait or read our detailed guide on Bait fishing for Bream.

Any time of day, though some fish will be more active at Dawn and Dusk. Always be careful when the river entrance opens. During this time the tidal flow can be very strong and quite dangerous. Like all rural areas always take notice of areas that might hold snakes.


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