Welcome to the Brighton Pier Fishing Guide. Brighton Breakwall is a very interesting fishing destination., What starts as a pier turns into a Rockwall and allows you to target bigger fish species in deeper waters of Port Phillip Bay. This is a very popular fishing location only 20 minutes from Melbourne. This is a scenic destination with high valued yachts docked in the background. It can produce quality fishing all year round with spectacular snapper fishing in the summer months. This spot can get a little crowded in peak times so do get in early to get a good fishing positon.

Things to do at Brighton

Brighton is a rich Melbourne suburb that spans along Port Phillip Bay. Only a short 11 kilometres from the heart of Melbourne. Brighton beach is a very popular destination for the family especially in summer where you can stroll past the historical huts, and enjoy the vast array of cafes and boutique shops in a vibrant township. Brighton also has a high-class sandbelt golf course surrounded by spectacular scenery and sloping green hills. The bayside coastal arts trail is a great 17-kilometre walking track that passes through Brighton. Parking is available at the pier entrance however you will need to pay.

Fishing at Brighton Pier Rockwall

Along Brighton pier and the Rockwall, you can target snapper, flathead, squid, whiting, garfish, bream, salmon, trevally, mullet, mulloway, gummy shark and snook by day and night. Fishing this area with soft plastics is fun but do be prepared to get snagged up occasionally. Curl tail soft plastics with a 1/8 jig head has accounted for many pinky snapper, salmon and snook. The humble snook will also aggressively chase down lures in this area. Casting your lures and plastics from the rock wall towards the moored boats is a very effective method of catching flathead and pinkies.

We would encourage you to have a read of our detailed guide on how to catch snapper around Melbourne. Kayak fishing is also popular around this area especially in summer when there are good numbers of pinkie snapper. This video highlight how it’s done.

If your fishing with baits than we would highly recommend using, squid strips, pilchards, blue bait, silver whiting, raw chicken, and mussels. We have found paternoster rigs with a strong line to work the best in this area. This area is rocky and very snaggy so casting out a fair distance is key to get your baits in the prime location. We would recommend a medium weight long casting fishing rod between 7 to 10 foot. You’re also likely to catch many small pinkies and flathead so you don’t want to fish too heavy but need to be prepared for the odd large snapper. Often I will use a running sinker rig to a swivel and 50cm of strong leader finished with a full pilchard or squid head to try an entice a snapper. If you chasing pinkies then a paternoster rig with raw chicken breast will fish very well.

Landing a fish can be a little awkward here and a long landing net and a gaff are handy tools. We have lost several fish along the rocks or when attempting to lift the fish onto the pier. So plan ahead and have the right gear with you.

If your chasing big snapper then fishing dawn or duck on the incoming high tide will be your best chance especially when the wind is chopping up a little. This is a beautiful spot but the kids will need to be closely supervised. It’s narrow with many anglers casting and the rocks can be slippery

Want to make your own snapper rigs than watch this video which will walk you through step by step.

Squid and whiting are at Brighton too

Squid is a popular species to target at Brighton break wall towards the sea baths which has a good volume of weed beds making a great ecosystem for local squid. You can learn more about targeting squid here by reading our detailed guide on How to catch squid around Melbourne. You can catch squid here during the day and night. An egi rod between 7.5 foot and 9 foot in length is ideal and there are plenty of egi rods on the market fit for purpose. I have found myself fishing with an 8 foot 3-inch rod paired with a 3000 size reel with great success. Squid jigs are prone to snags in this area, and we have found using slow sinking jigs in the smaller size of 2.5 and 3.0-gram jigs will help avoid this problem.


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