The Docklands is a great fishing location within the heart of Melbourne on the fringes of the CBD. A busy urban location that offers anglers with a wide variety of species to target and techniques to master. Its a great spot for local anglers targeting bream on lures within the array of structure and pylons. Seasonally it has a good run of snapper, mulloway and recently kingfish. You can fish from the piers and jetties or even casting out towards the Bolte Bridge. It’s also a spot growing in popularity with Kayakers if you can find parking close enough.

Fish species to target at Docklands

Bream, snapper, pinkies, trevally, mulloway, flathead, mullet, garfish, kingfish

Fishing Docklands with lures

Bream will be your main target species at the Docklands Click here for our guide to the best bream lures, soft plastics and how to use them.

When fishing with lures at Docklands we would recommend soft plastics such as small paddle tails and curly tails. Casting imitation style lures such as imitation crabs and yabbies works really well worked very slowly amongst the structures and shadows. Fishing with vibes and blades are also very good in this area, where you can accurately cast your lure of choice very close to structure and strike zone.

Fishing Docklands with bait

When fishing with bait at Docklands we recommend using scrub worms, yabbies and live maggots for targeting bream. Pilchards, squid, whiting fillet and chicken are good options at Docklands for snapper, mulloway and other species. If your targeting large mulloway then using live mullet is another good option.

Rod setup for Docklands

There are many different fishing techniques on offer at Docklands depending on the species of fish your targeting. If you are targeting bream, pinkies, mullet or trevally then a light 7-foot spin rod is a great option. 2-4 or 3-5 kilo with a 2500 size reel. This will allow you to accurately get your plastics or blades in the right strick zone were fishing a residing. If you’re bait fishing then we encourage you to experiment with a float to avoid snags and a light leader.

Then there is the other extreme targeting large and powerful species such as mulloway, kingfish and snapper. We would recommend a heavier rod, a larger reel. Maybe starting with a snapper outfit. 7-foot rod with a 4000 size reel spooled with 12-20 pound monofilament lines. Then work your way up the scale as your target big kingies and mulloway. There are so many options so don’t be afraid to experiment with what works for you.

Most productive times

High tide is always preferable for me at the Docklands, The rising tide brings fish in to feed on the structure. Sunrise and sundown are always favourable but not a necessity in this area unless you plan to chase Mulloway which is much more active at night.

Family-friendly notes

This is a great spot for kids. There are lots of different locations to fish within a small area and cafes and shops are close by so should the bite not be on you can go and do another activity for a while and later come back to the fishing.

Known hazards

This biggest issue at the Docklands will likely be getting your lines snagged and needing to re-setup your rig. This will happen when fishing close to the structure and getting bites and just generally some times so go prepared and don’t let a bust of to a good fish break your spirits as that’s to be expected in this area.

Parking at Docklands

Parking at the Docklands for fishing can be a little tricky. There are some free parking spots towards North Wharf road but they fill up very quickly. In most cases will cost you around $15 and you may be forced to carry your fishing gear amongst the crowds shopping or going to the footy.

Rules and regulations

Only 2 fishing lines permitted per person. Always carry your Victorian fishing license, and always follow catch limits. Where possible we encourage catch and release.

Map of Docklands

Docklands Map

Additions or Corrections

If you feel this location guide is missing key information or needs any corrections made, then please let us know by emailing our team at with specific details in the email. Thank you