Fishing locations Lake Purrumbete is a volcanic lake in the Western district of Victoria. Its roughly 2 hours drive from Melbourne going through Geelong and Colac then 10 minutes drive from closest township Camperdown. Lake Purrumbete is a large lake over 500 hectares in size open and very exposed to weather conditions. Lake Purrumbete is truly unique for a couple of reasons. The first is its depth from being a natural volcanic lake. It has crystal clear waters averaging 45 meters deep and scattered deep holes as deep as 60 meters or 200 feet in depth. Secondly it holds some amazing trophy size fresh water fish. It holds great numbers of both Brown trout and Rainbow Trout. Some which grow to very large sizes. Recently stocked with Brook trout and experimenting with Tiger trout a combination of the other trout breeds. However, one of the true prizes on offer are Atlantic and Chinook Salmon. These too can be caught very large sizes. It also contains a very healthy population of Redfin and in recent years has produced them in masses in the warmer months. Often seeing reports of the smaller ones being caught in the hundreds on warmer days. There are plenty of shallow weedy areas that hold good numbers of fish and create a great eco system and food source.


Atlantic Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Redfin, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Tiger trout & eels



The most popular technique we have seen at this location is trolling. Either large diving hard body lures such as Daiwa Double clutch 90mm version or large Tassie devils in bright colours. Allowing these to sit about 50 meters behind the boat and trolling at a very slow pace. I like to watch the vibrating action of the lure to work out if I’m going to slow to fast. Generally around 3 kilometres is a nice speed. Some boaters are lucky enough to have downriggers and have been using these to great effect to keep diving hard body lures to greater depths. Most catches we have seen have been those trolling in depths or 20 to 30 meters. A tip would be to troll 2 lures that dive to different depths and see if a particular depth on that day is more effective. Also try and keep your rod tip low as close to the water as possible. This will provide the lure with the best natural action, getting it deeper and encourage more strikes.

Bait and soft plastics

If you plan to bait fish for Chinook Salmon then the best bait choice is generally pilchards. We like to use these either unweighted or with a slow running sinker rig with a small sinker to a swivel and roughly half a meter of strong leader. Generally we will fillet the pilchard for best bait presentation.

When bait fishing for trout and redfin the most successful method has been using live minnows on a paternoster rig. Live minnows surprisingly can be caught with a large net and can of cat food, or they can be purchased from nearby lake Bullen Merri. There are also other bait options which work well too such as Mud eyes, Scrub worms, Power bait, and Yabbies. Redfin and Trout will happily take a wide range of soft plastics & lures. Click here to see our best lures and plastics when targeting Redfin.


Rod choice can be quite difficult as there are so many different styles of fishing techniques on offer. For instance if your trolling large hard body lures targeting big salmon or trout then you would want a medium class rod that a little stiffer then rods that you would be flicking soft plastics with. You will certainly come across big Salmon and Trout in this lake so it pays to fish with slightly heavier line and leader.  2-4 or 3-5 kilo class spin rod would be a great option. The main line spooled with fine 8 pound braid finished with a good quality leader.


You can catch fish during anytime of the day. However when trolling we find most catches to be on first and last light of the day. Also remember that trout and salmon are more active in cold conditions and redfin are more active in warm conditions.


Its a beautiful location really well designed with fisherman in mind. There is the holiday park where you can stay which has all the facilities needed even an onsite tackle store. The cabins have ample parking for your boat. There is an angling clubhouse and a small park for the kids. But this location is really setup for fishing. Its a great spot for boats and kayakers and new jetties provide options for land based anglers.


This location is very open and exposed meaning it can be very cold and windy. There isn’t anywhere to hide from the weather and wind will be your biggest enemy when on your boat or kayak. Often you will need to move around to try and find areas with a little bit of cover from the wind.