Fishing locations Mount Martha Rocks is a great land based fishing location in the Mornington Peninsula along port Philip bay. Several kilometers of rocky cliff faces with ample parking on gravel stretches along the main road. This location has become a hotspot with great year round fishing, However its built a solid reputation for big Snapper being caught from the rocks in the warmer months. It also has a great reputation for rock hoping for squid all year round.


snapper, squid, salmon, flathead, garfish, gummy shark, whiting, leather jacket


If bait fishing we would recommend pilchard, blue bait, silver whiting, raw chicken strips and squid tentacles. You can fish with a range of soft plastics which is effective on pinkies and flathead.

When targeting squid a whole range of long casting squid jigs can be used. Click here to see our detailed guide on how to catch squid.


Depends on what you’re chasing. In these circumstances its almost good to go with a general purpose rod that allows you to cover many different types of species. In this case a 3-5 kilo rod with a 3000 reel spooled with 6 pound line would be a great option. I would suggest a medium to light 8 or 9 foot rod. Your most likely to catch many small Pinkies and Flathead so you don’t want to fish to heavy but need to be prepared for the the odd large snapper. If your chasing squid then a light 8 foot rod with several squid jigs is the goto option. For other fishing a medium to light surf rod between 8 to 10 foot.


Fishing dawn or dusk on the incoming high tide will be your best chance especially when the wind is chopping up a little. Quite often after a couple of days of strong breeze species like snapper will come in.


This is a beautiful spot but probably not a great location for the kids due to its difficult and dangerous access.


The rocks and cliff face can be very slippery and quite dangerous. Its often quite steep access and care must be taken at all times. Always let someone know your fishing in this area and wear adequate footwear. Snakes are also spotted within the rocks at times so do be careful.