Fishing locations Portland is one of Victoria’s first settlements and a great holiday locations. Portland is an iconic fishing destination in Victoria with it’s beautifully scenic rock formations and extremely deep waters over 10000 meters deep which offers amazing fishing for many species. However Portland gets its real reputation as a fishing hot spot for its Tuna fishing throughout the winter months. It also offers other great game fishing and large range of species such as King fish and Snapper. Its a also a popular destination for tourists with annual whale and sea watching. Its also a great spot to head out with a fishing charter that have all the gear ready to chase a big Tuna or stick to the jetties for bread and butter species.


Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Albacore, King fish, Mako Shark, Thresher Shark, School Shark, Bronze Whaler sharks, Whiting, Flathead, Snapper, Salmon, Mulloway


At Portland Tuna will likely be your number one target. In this case you will likely be trolling colorful skirts and waiting for a decent hookup.


If your chasing the large range of Tuna or sharks then you will be using a strong heavy game rod with heavy line and a class gaming reel. If your after some fun and want to chase some smaller school sized tuna then you can do so with a 10-20 kilo rod a 600 size reel spooled with braid between 20-40 kilo. This is an amazing fun way to catch Tuna.


Winter is the best time of year to chase Tuna as thats when there active. this is often the time of year when you will see the range of charters and traffic in full swing. Bird activity is often a great indication to a hungry pack of Tuna which are surfacing and on the bite.


The deep open waters isn’t really the place for young kids but there are plenty of spots along the piers, jetties and near by estuaries that would be suitable. Portland is often considered the whale watching capital of Victoria and many families head to Portland during the winter months for some whale watching.


Very deep open waters, always wear safety equipment and always go out with experienced people who can assist you.