Fishing locations Stony Creek Reservoir is located not too far from the township Anakie towards the end of Geelong-Ballan road. It’s a scenic freshwater fishing location that provides domestic drinking water supply for the township of Geelong and surrounding areas. This lake is popular and has been heavily fished in recent years. However, for anglers, it still provides an exciting opportunity to catch a large redfin, rainbow trout or brown trout. I have seen and caught some very large fish from this lake mainly near the slight rock wall.  The reservoir has been stocked heavily with both rainbow and brown trout in recent years and this pattern will continue as part of the state governments target 10 million by 2020 initiative. Please note that there are 3 lakes in the immediate area seperated by roads but only 1 is permitted for fishing.

The video was taken at upper Stony Creek reservoir

Upper Stoney creek large rainbow trout

Fish species to target at upper Stony Creek reservoir

Upper Stoney creek contains a healthy population of Redfin. You often get smaller ones following your soft plastics but there are some large ones in there too. This system has also been stocked heavily in recent years with brown and rainbow tour. last year 20,000 rainbow trout and 5,000 brown trout were stocked. Both species can grow to great sizes here.

Best lures for upper stony creek reservoir

This is a great location for lures and soft plastics. Click here to see our best lures and plastics when targeting Redfin. Long casting lures are great for land-based anglers. Top options include the ever-reliable tassie devil, nories wasaby and pontoon 21 paco spoons. These present great options for targeting both trout and Redfin. Shallow diving hard body lures such as bullet lures, Daiwa double clutch, Rapala Countdown series and Savage gear minnows are also excellent choices. Soft plastics and spinners are also fantastic options.

The best bait for upper stony creek reservoir

If you plan on fishing with bait from the banks then live minnows, scrub worms, yabbies and power bait and great options.

Fishing Rod setup for upper stony creek reservoir

There are some good size redfin and trout at upper stony creek reservoir so you may choose to fish a little heavier than normal. This also can work well when casting heavy lures and spoons. Generally when targeting Trout and Redfin fish as light as possible which will make the experience more fun and improve your chances. Redfin will actively take many baits or lures. To maximize your chances fish with a 1-3 or 2-4 kilo rod. The main line spooled with 4 pound braid finished with a good quality leader. Again here its ok to step that up to 3-5 kilo and 8 pound line and leader.

Most productive times to fish upper stony creek reservoir

The majority of trout taken here are generally on the first and last 2 hours of the day. Redfin can be caught during any time of day. Trout are more active in the colder months and redfin more active in the warmer month.

Rules and regulations at upper stony creek reservoir

Please note that boats are not permitted, Fish from the shore only (no wading), No cleaning of fish on site. No berleying, ground baiting, or digging for bait. And of course, a Victorian fishing licence is required

Family friendly upper stony creek reservoir

There are basic facilities available such as picnic tables. This is a very scenic location and if you enjoy bush walks, bird watching and fishing then this presents as a good option.

Known hazards at upper stony creek reservoir

It can be tricky keeping your footing with all the rocks especially along the rock walls. When fishing take care as you walk. Also as with all country, rural areas always be mindful of snakes particularly in the warmer months when snakes are more active.

Stony Creek Reservoir Fishing Areas

Stony Creek Reservoir Fishing