Welcome to the Bostock Reservoir Fishing Guide. Bostock Reservoir is located off Shaw’s road exit towards Ballan and on your way to Daylesford. It’s a challenging fishing destination but those who persist can be rewarded with a large trophy size trout and redfin. After some years of very low water levels, Bostock is once again near capacity and fishing well. It’s stocked regularly with rainbow trout and has stunning views, plus picnic and bbq area making this a good family fishing destination.

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Things to do at Bostock Reservoir

Bostock reservoir is a very underrated family location. There are open picnic grounds, gas BBQ facilities, and toilets. I have often taken the family there to explore the area then settle down to some fishing and kite flying with a bbq. The location offers stunning views overlooking the pine trees opposite the lake. On calm days the lake represents a mirror image of this which is great for photo opportunities.  Walking amongst the pine trees is also a nice thing to do but do be wary of snakes which are quite common around here. A short drive from Bostock includes vibrant townships Bacchus Marsh, Daylesford and Ballan. Bostock Reservoir Fishing Guide.

Fishing at Bostock Reservoir

At Bostock reservoir, you can catch brown trout, rainbow trout, redfin, tench, carp, roach and eels. In recent years the reservoir has been heavily stocked with rainbow trout fingerlings. Use this link to follow Victorian trout stocking programs. Bostock fishes well seasonally with redfin more active in the warmer months and trout are more active during the cooler months. Most freshwater species have a tendency to feed more aggressively at Dawn and Dusk. My personal favourite is fishing the sundown particularity in the warmer months. In the colder months your likely to see trout surfacing at Bostock in the early morning. So my recommendation in winter would be to fish the sunrise. 

This is a great location for lures and soft plastics. Check out our guide on the best lures to catch Redfin. Long casting metal lures and spoons are great for land-based anglers and will allow you to target both trout and redfin at the same time. Shallow diving hard body and minnow imitation lures are also excellent choices. You will also certainly catch your fair share of redfin and trout with soft plastics and spinners. You often see trout surfacing to take flys of the surface so fly and crickets so imitations such as the savage Gear Mayfly are great options.

If you plan to fish with bait from the banks then good options include powerbait in bright colours, crickets, worms, maggots, live minnows and mudeye. Either on a light running sinker rig, paternoster rig or suspended from a float. We have seen many trout and perch caught using these baits and methods.

When targeting freshwater species such as trout, redfin and estuary perch we recommend fishing with a light spinning rod. This will make the experience more enjoyable and improve your catch rates. We suggest a 1-3 or 2-4 kilo fishing rod. Coupled with a 2000, 2500 or 3000 size reel that’s been spooled with a decent quality braid between 4-8 pound. Then finished with roughly a rod length of a quality fluorocarbon leader.

If you plan on targeting carp from the banks then we would recommend using corn kernels, worms or bread as good bait options. Either on a basic running sinker rig or suspended from a float. It would also be wise to upgrade your fishing outfit to something a little heavier. Perhaps a 3-5 kilo fishing rod coupled with a 3000 size reel spooled with 8-pound line as a good starting point.

Check out this video if your after some tips on how to catch recently stocked freshwater fish

Known Hazards at Bostock Reservoir

There is plenty of snake signs around Bostock reservoir for good reason, so when walking around please be wary of brown and tiger snakes. I have seen the odd snakes driving into the main entrance area. Feel free to view water levels at Bostock Reservoir before planning your next trip.

Rules and Regulations

No fishing with waders fishing only permitted from the shore, No boats, No cleaning of fish onsite,  Always carry your Victorian fishing license, Using berley is not permitted, FishingMad encourages ‘catch & release’ of all native species to help maintain the water quality within the lake however European Carp must not be returned.


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