Welcome to the Geelong Fishing location Guide. Geelong is a long stretch of land around Bellarine peninsula along Port Phillip Bay offering many land-based, boating and kayaking fishing options. Corio bay surrounds the Geelong area and offers exception fishing all year round. There are many scattered piers and jetty’s making it a great and accessible fishing location. There are many fishing spots to target including Cunningham Pier, Waterfront, St Helen’s ramp & Limeburners point just to name a few. Seasonally it fishes very well for snapper, whiting, trevally. But generally is an all year round fishing destination only 1 hour from Melbourne. There are also some rivers and estuaries within the township.

Things to do at Geelong

Geelong is a massive township located 70 kilometres away from Melbourne with many shops, parks, piers, restaurants, cafes, and adventures. The town is home to roughly 75,000 residents making it a large township within Victoria. Some of the local attractions include the beautifully maintained Geelong botanic gardens. Which offers amazing landscaped gardens for the whole family to enjoy. If you’re after a bit more excitement then look no further then Geelong adventure park which has world-class rides and waterslides. Including the new Tsunami waterslide. There is also Serendip Sanctuary is not far by closer to Lara which offers free access to Australia’s wildlife and gardens. The Geelong waterfront area is a lovely vibrant spot full of piers and great for walking, picnics and eating. There are also several local breweries, markets and art exhibitions.

Fishing at Geelong

Geelong has 2 boat ramp located within town giving local anglers amazing boating and kayak access to Corio Bay. One is located at the start of Geelong near St Helens and the other towards the end of town as the main boat ramp. The vast array of land base fishing is also terrific with many piers and jetties including Cunningham pier and St Helen’s rock walls which are the most popular location. In Geelong, you can target Snapper ( pinkies ), Snook, Flathead, Salmon, Whiting, Snot nose Trevally, leather-jackets, Mullet, Gummy Shark, Gurnard, Eels. Click here if you would like to know more about how to catch snapper in Corio Bay

Geelong also has great land base fishing at night time. Many of the piers along the waterfront area including Cunningham pier is lit up at night time and a great place to target pinkies, whiting, trevally and more. However many pest species come out at night such as sand eels, scorpionfish and stingrays.

If bait fishing its hard to go past staple options including Pilchards, Chicken, Squid and Silver whiting. Paternoster rig works well with sinker options to suit your desired casting distance. However, I have fished here really well with soft plastics, hard body lures and Blades when fishing from jetties and piers. This has worked a treat for snook, flathead,  pinkies, flathead, mullet and even Trevally. I generally use an all-round rod setup which will allow me to target a different range of fish and sizes. Usually 2 – 8 kilo class rod capacity, with a 4000 size reel. I’ll generally have line around 8 pound, with a nice strong leader. I prefer most spots around Geelong in the early morning. High tide usually sees a big run of pinkies in summer, and low tide generally produces a healthy amount of flathead.

Freshwater fishing around Geelong

There is also great freshwater fishing opportunities with the Barwon River. Not too far away places such as Stoney point, Wurdibuloc and Barwon heads. Where you can target redfin, trout and carp and in the estuaries whiting, trevally and mullet.

Fishing Geelong known hazards

Eels, scorpionfish and Gurnards can be very common catches in these areas. Especially if night fishing. Always handle fish with care and don’t handle at all if you’re not sure what species it is.  I have seen people catch these and curiously hold to find out what type of species of fish it is. This is very dangerous and a small prick from one of its spikes will have you in a hospital with severe pain. So do be careful if you don’t know what type of species it is, then asks someone around you before handling. I have also had some mates have an encounter with hammerhead sharks.

The freshwater areas such as the Barwon river hold a large volume of snakes particularly tiger snakes so do take care in these areas.


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