Fishing locations Lake Nagambie is a 170 hectare manmade lake found heading towards Shepparton. 90 minute drive from Melbourne and a 40 minute drive from Shapparton. Lake Nagambie is a shallow system backing onto the Goulburn river. A very scenic area with a single boat ramp usually shared by both boats and kayaks. The lake holds good numbers of golden perch, trout and redfin. The prized catches would be the allusive Murray Cod.

In April 2019 Lake Ngambie hosted the richest fishing competition seen in Australia. An initiative by regional and state government to increase tourism in the area and boost local economy. $500,000 in prizes was on offer across different fishing categories such as the largest cod. Go Nagambie 2019 attracted thousands of keen anglers in what was a huge success. Stay tuned for future events.


Golden Perch, Murray Cod, Redfin, Rainbow and Brown Trout, Carp, and Crayfish


If your targeting yellow belly then some great lure choices would includes lip-less crank-baits such as Jackall TN series, stump jumpers which too can be cast or trolled, vibes, and spinner baits such as bassman spinners. If your targeting a large Murray cod then you’ll be rigging up with large spinnerbaits, diving hard body lures, large swimbaits, large surface lures, large soft plastics in natural colours. There are some weird and wonderful surface lures and swimbaits new to the market so get creative and mix up your retrieval technique. When bait fishing good options include Scrub worms, earth worms, cheese, Power bait and Yabbies. You may consider flicking blades, Vibes which are great for Golden Perch and Redfin. There are also a wide range of soft plastics & lures. Click here to see our best lures and plastics when targeting Redfin.


When targeting Trout and Redfin fish as light as possible which will make the experience more fun and improve your chances. Redfin will actively take many baits or lures. To maximize your chances fish with a 2 – 4  or 1 – 3 kilo rod. The main line spooled with 4 pound braid finished with a good quality leader. When targeting golden perch ( yellow belly ) it pays to fish a little heavier therefore a slight upgrade to a 2-4 or 3-5 kilo rod coupled with a 2500-3000 reel reel loaded with 6 or 8 pound braid. Of course if your specifically targeting murray cod then you’ll be upgrading once again. 6-10 kilo bait caster with 20-30 pound line is a great starting spot.


Any time of day, though some fish will be more active at Dawn and Dusk


This is an nice spot to take the kids with plenty of fishing spots with surrounding parks and BBQ facilities


All rural areas are inhabited by wildlife such as Snakes and Lizards, so be weary of venomous snakes such as Brown, Tiger and Red bellied Black.


Always carry your Victorian fishing license, FishingMad encourage ‘catch & release’ of all native species to help maintain the water quality within the lake however European Carp must not be returned.