Stockyard Point is located in Jam Jerrup roughly 1-hour drive on the east side of Melbourne overlooking Western Port. It’s a very shallow beach that has become a hotspot for land-based fishing for elephant fish and gummy sharks in winter and snapper in summer. This locations peak time is often winter nights where it can become quite an overcrowded fishing location. There is a channel that runs through this system fishing the peak of tide changes will be critical to getting your baits in the optimal position.

What fish species can I catch at Stockyard Point

At Stockyard point you’re likely to catch gummy sharks, elephant fish, snapper, salmon, trevally, whiting, barracouta, flathead, salmon, stingrays. However, this location is very popular for its gummy shark fishing during winter especially during the night at low tide.

What are the best lures to use at Stockyard Point

Most people fishing at Stockyard are using baits

What are the baits to use at Stockyard Point

Our goto baits at Stockyard point have been fresh squid, half or full pilchards. You can also use trevally, salmon, scad, blue bait, silver whiting and pippis. Wrapping your bait in bait mate is a good way to stop your bait from falling off and preventing little fish from nibbling at the bait.

Rod, Reel and line setup for Stockyard Point

Your outfit selection will very much depend on what species of fish you’re targeting. If you’re chasing the larger species such as gummy sharks or stingrays then you’re going to need a nice heavy outfit. Ideally, a long surf rod outfit that’s 8-12 foot in length with a kilo class of 8-12 or 12-20 kilo rating rod. The reel will be a 4000-6000 reel spooled with 25 pound line. Finished with a rod length of 40 pound leader.  A single large hook or double snelled hook to present a full squid or pilchard. You can also choose to target these species with your snapper rods which are a 5-8 kilo rod with 12 pound line. This is a fun way of targeting these fish that might get busted off occasionally.  If your chasing lighter fish that don’t require gear as heavy such as elephant fish, flathead, trevally or whiting then a nice light general purport 2-4 or 3-5 kilo with a 2500-3000 reel spooled with 6 pound line will work well.

Most productive time to fish Stockyard point

This is a great winter location for gummy sharks, elephant fish and salmon, but it generally fishes well for most parts of the year. If your keen to land a gummy shark then fishing throughout the night will be the best bet as that’s when predatory fish are most active. Species like snapper are more active in the warmer months and too can be caught from here.

Is Stockyard Point a family friendly destination

This is not really the most family friendly location. Walking around in this area during low tide can be quite exhausting. The sand during low tide can resemble quicksand as your feet seem to sink and get stuck. Its also quite a decent walk to get to optimal fishing spots. If you have young kids then you would be better of taking them to one of the nearby jetties or piers.

Known Hazards

The 15-minute walk can be extremely muddy and tiring quite relentless. So pack as light as possible and wear proper footwear and clothing. Take note of the tides as you will need to ensure you don’t get stranded during high tide.

It can also be a very busy fishing location so be careful as anglers are using big heavy fishing outfits.

Parking at Stockyard point

Parking is available at the end of Foreshore road. Then its a fair 15-minute walk to Stockyard point.

Additions and corrections of this location

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