Kerferd pier fishing report. It can be tough for many land-based anglers. Often long and unrewarded hours. Jeremy Ang is a local around Port Melbourne and has been fishing princess pier, port Melbourne pier, the west gate bridge and stretches of the Yarra river a lot lately. However, he has only been able to catch undersize pinkies and flathead. On Tuesday Jeremy decided to change things up a bit and give Kerfred road pier ago. After 15 minutes Jeremy landed several pinkies around the 30cm mark. Now that might not sound like much for serious anglers but for someone who has put in many unrewarded hours, Jeremy was very excited.

He fished on and caught many more. The majority between 25cm and 30 cm. Jeremy was mainly fishing with a paternoster rig and strips of pilchard and raw chicken. No doubt he will be back out to Kerferd road pier very soon to catch a few more legal-size pinkies.


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