Fishing report St Helens Pier.  I had a couple of hours to kill whilst being up in the Geelong area. I started by throwing out a half pilchard as bait and after 20 minutes managed to land a nice 45cm flathead. The fishing went quiet the pier was full of anglers but no one catching. I decided to mix things up a little. I ditched the bait and went to my Black Savage spinning outfit and rigged up a new Savage Gear fat curl tail in motor oil. Well things changed quickly my first cast landed a beautiful red gurnard AKA flying gurnard full of amazing colours. My 3rd cast landed a feisty toothy snook well over a meter in length. Some heart stopping moments as it went for a few last minute runs under the pier. I managed to land it thanks to some help of other anglers who netted it for me. I then finished up by landed a coupld more flatties. By that stage the bait fishos had thrown lines all over the area I was fishing and things became unfishable. I packed it up early but still greatly enjoyed catching some nice fish,