I ventured down to Wyndham harbour and fished on the Werribee Rockwall, we arrived at 7.00am and peak high tide was scheduled at 10.00am. After being there for 10 minutes my rod started screaming, something took almost 100+ meters of line of the reel. After battling it for 10 minutes it ended up being a large eagle ray, not the big snapper I was hoping for but I was still happy. We fished on and had a great run for about 30 minutes catching 4 good size flathead in the mid and low 40’s and 1 small pinky. After a couple of hours the bite went very quiet and we packed up and called it a morning. Was still a great morning out on the water. 

Video footage of this session can be seen on the following links

Big Eagle Ray – https://youtu.be/dzE31hlqd2U

Rockwall Flathead – https://youtu.be/uSHHlSSXSE8