Gurnard local fish species facts and Limits. There are several different types of gurnard that can be caught in Victoria. Firstly you have the Red Gurnard which is a beautiful looking fish with colourful wings like a butterfly. Then you have the common gurnard perch a quite dull fish with venomous spines that inflict a lot of pain if stung. Please take some time to understand the differences and always handle with care.

Size & Limits: 

No legal size limit but a daily bag limit of 10

Scientific name


Bait Recommendations:

Gurnard are often a bycatch of anglers targeting flathead, pinkies whiting and so on. Therefore they will happily take small pieces of pilchard, squid, silver whiting and prawn.

Lure Recommendations:

We have caught several gurnards and scorpion fish using small minnow imitation soft plastics. Again this is generally a bycatch of targeting other bay and estuary species. removing the lure and hooks need to be done with care to ensure you don’t go close to the venomous spikes.


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Rod/Rig setup:

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Great locations to target them

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Best times:

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