Kingfish local fish species facts and Limits. Catching a big Kingfish is the stuff that local anglers dream about. Yellowtail King Fish in Victoria has continued to get better and better in recent years which is wonderful news for local anglers. Kingfish are unparalleled as they possess immense power and for this reason are rapidly growing in popularity as a species to target. Kingies can grow over a meter in length, have amazing fighting qualities, they generally school up in big numbers, are also a renowned table fish and are a very welcome bycatch for those who may have been out in deeper waters targeting species such as Tuna.

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Scientific name:

Seriola lalandi

Kingfish size and catch limits

The minimum legal size of 60cm, with a daily bag limit of 5 over minimum size. Kingfish can grow well over a meter in length, and the small ones are referred to as rats

Bait Recommendations for Kingfish

When targeting kingfish with bait we recommend using a full squid, half pilchard or full pilchard. You can also use live baits such as squid, yakkas and mackerel. The live squid pinned from the top of the hood or a live mullet pinned from the back of the neck.

Lure recommendations for Kingfish

From the boat vertical jigging has been one of the most successful techniques which is done by dropping a vertical jig and hopping it up and down trying to get the attention of a big aggressive king.

Kingfish eating rating

A renowned good table fish

Rod and rig setup for Kingfish

Kingfish is a renowned sports fish and a heavy duty setup is required. Start with a 10-15 kilo rod such as a Shimano Terez or Wilson Live Fibre. Paired with a 6000-8000 size reel. Some good options include the Saragosa or if you can afford a Daiwa Saltiga or Shimano Stella. Spool them with 20 to 50-pound braid or monofilament.

Where to find Kingfish

Kingfish can be caught at the Rip in Port Phillip Bay entrance, Bass straight, Portland, Barwon Heads, Black Rock, Port Welshpool, Port Fairy, Mallacoota, Wilsons prom, Narooma & Welshpool. Strangely enough in recent years, we have had brief seasonally runs of kingfish at the Docklands and Williamstown.

Best times to catch Kingfish

Kingies are generally active between December through to March and can be located during most hours of the day

Recreational fishing guide

You can obtain a free Victorian recreational fishing guide from the Victorian Fisheries Authorities web link

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