Trevally local fish species facts and Limits. Trevally pound of pound one of the best fighting fish in all of Australia. In the top parts of Australia surface popping for big Trevally is one of the bucket list fishing experiences that you must tick off. They are very strong and even the smaller ones will give you a run for your money on light spinning gear. There a beautiful looking fish that shine in the sunlight. They come in a range of types and sizes from Silver, Diamond, Giant, Golden and Big eye. However in Victoria you will mainly be catching the smaller silver trevally.

Scientific name:

Pseudocaranx spp

Size & limits:

A legal size trevally is 20 cm, with a daily bag limit of 20 legal size per person. Trevally do vary in size however in Victoria your mainly targeting the smaller ones with estuary systems. In the top end of Australia is where you will find the Giant Trevally GT. A monster that can grow in excess of 40 kilo and feel like a freight train on the end of your line. In the estuary systems you can catch many small Trevally.

Bait Recommendations:

raw chicken, pilchards, pippies, squid, mussels

Lure Recommendations:

Trevally will happily take certain soft plastics. Worm and minnow imitation plastics such as gulp turtle back worms are great options. Grub and curl tail soft plastics are also great including Squidges. They will also take small surface poppers and flies.


If your heading North then go on a charter that specialize in chasing Trevally. They will provide you with the adequate rods and jigs required to target these magnificent species. They will also know how and where to target them. Often looking for known reefs.

Rod/Rig setup:

In Victoria your mainly coming across the smaller silver trevally which will likely be between 20 to 40cm. For this a 2-4 kilo rod that’s 7 foot in length is perfect. Coupled with a 2500 size reel spooled with 8 pound braid and leader. If your game you can try with lighter gear. If your travelling north and targeting the big Trevally then a decent game outfit will be required. Your most likely to be going out with a charter and they will provide adequate gear for you.

Best times:

Trevally are an all year round prospect that can generally be caught during any time of the day